Monsignor Craig Harrison chats with Robert Price on June 6.

For Monsignor Craig Harrison, the shock and devastation of his suspension — and perceived abandonment — by the Catholic diocese has given way to quiet resolve.

The popular monsignor, removed from his duties while the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno investigates the molestation accusations against him, has returned to his tree-street Bakersfield home after taking some personal time away from the city.

Now, with his attorney's help and the support of parishioners who have stayed by his side, he is working to defend himself. An exclusive interview, only in Sunday's Californian and our e-edition.

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Everybody deserves a 30 day vacation to get their head together.


So, this all started because of a conspiracy of doilie-wearing, homophobic, misogynistic "extremists"? HUH? In an earlier article, Father Craig painted one of his accusers as a troubled alcoholic. Now it becomes clear why he hasn't heard anything from the Diocese. They can simply pick up a copy of the Bakersfield Californian to get Father's point of view. He might have a better outcome if he stays out of the papers, and tells his inane attorney to do the same.

Couldn’t be more guilty! And this lawyer of his is a creep too - very sexist


As a Bakersfield Catholic woman who “wears a doily†on my head I find it reprehensible that Kyle Humphrey would label all “doily wearers†(it’s been called a mantilla—or just a veil, dude for hundreds of years) as an enemy in our own home town. To make this statement isn’t just anti-women, but it’s anti-Catholic (I have a right to wear my veil during Mass according to Church teaching). What is wrong with this man that he felt the best PR tactic is to attack faithful Bakersfield Catholic women expressing their Catholic right & turn THEM into a public nemesis. Also, Mr. Humphries, making reference to Game of Thrones (in a previous press release) is cringeworthy, at best. You owe Catholic women, like myself, who veil an apology. I will continue to wear my veil, which I do to show my love for my Lord, no matter what you try to say about it. Your cringeworthy & off-putting statements aren’t helping your client and if I was him, I’d get a new attorney immediately. Humphrey’s bizarre comments are on par with Lionel Hutz “law talking guy†(Homer Simpson’s incompetent lawyer).


Wow, front page with pictures. No new news in this article. Still claiming he is in the dark. So much for†Povertyâ€! That front porch doesn’t look he is living a priestly life . Why isn’t the Californian doing front page picture and progression of accusations of the life and times of ALL the Kern County priests? Either way Craig will come out of this just fine, he is aligned with all the right people.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

"That front porch doesn't look he is living a priestly life." Comment of the Year candidate...


Since a lot of comments on stories about the accused have him guilty already. This photo will have people judging him again. He should worry about the Jury. Most are biased. We have a court process and one is innocent until proven guilty. A lot of comments on recent articles on the Monsignor have deemed him guilty. Yet, a group that is a joke called Snap seems to have poisoned a lot of people. Snap exposes the victims. Let a court and hopefully a non biased Jury decide the truth. That is our rights. How would some like it if they were innocent and others were saying they were guilty without even waiting for the hearing process? What if it was them facing a charge and they are innocent. Not saying the Victims are making this up and not saying the Monsignor is innocent. We are innocent until proven guilty.


I agree with you. Optics is important and to control ones image is key. A poor image only reinforces negative info in the media today. That was my poorly phrased point this am. This image used is not flattering and does not aid him.


yeah how the photos have presented non-caucasians as guilty... i know what you mean. justice is not blind, our court system is not fair. black guy= guilty; white priest= innocent.


Shame he didn’t approve the photo used. This photo is not flattering.


present pedophiles as flattering?

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