Cody Kessler at mini camp

Quarterback Cody Kessler works with Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach David Lee during a practice drill in June. 

Last month, Centennial High grad and NFL Cleveland Browns player Cody Kessler met Anthony Ingram, 11, at Jersey Mike’s, and they began talking about Legos.

Anthony, who is blind, told Cody he is saving his money to buy a Lego Hydraulics set, according to a Facebook Post.

“Well to his surprise (Anthony) received them in the mail yesterday,” said a Facebook post.

Kessler mailed the Lego set to Anthony, and in a video, Anthony is shown opening up the package. Once he realizes what’s inside, he said, “He remembered!” Then he goes speechless.

Karrie, Anthony's mother who is filming, asks her son to tell the audience what Kessler sent him.

“Mom, I would rather not be a bragger,” he said. “ . . . I don’t think I’ll be stepping foot anywhere else in the house.”

The video was posted to Facebook, and the post said, “We just wanted to give Cody a shout out and thank him again for the awesome surprise and for being someone Anthony can look up to!”

The video got more than 3,000 views.

Kessler responded to the video on Facebook and said, “Glad you like it buddy, now we have to build some Legos together!”

According to the Anthony's Seeing is Believing Facebook page, Anthony was diagnosed with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) at just three and a half months old.

“Like most parents would be, we were devastated when we received the diagnosis,” wrote Anthony’s parents, Tony and Karrie, on the Facebook page. “However, with strong support from family and friends, we redirected the initial feelings of devastation towards the positive. We were determined to tackle the disease 'head on' and provide Anthony with all the tools he would need to succeed.”

“From the very beginning, Anthony has been a very persistent boy who hasn’t let anything stand in his way,” they wrote on Facebook.

Anthony can swim, climb trees, ride bikes without training wheels, surf and play the piano and sports, the Facebook page says.

“For Anthony, everything is a learning experience . . . Anthony is truly an inspiration and not a day goes by that there's not a smile on his face as he looks toward the sun and has a skip in his step as he runs through life.”

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