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Chevron donates to Kern County schools data initiative

Chevron has donated $240,000 to Kern County school districts, with most of that money going to bringing additional districts into the Kern Integrated Data System (KiDS).

In a news release, the Kern County Superintendent of Schools describes KiDS as a "powerful, and secure, student data warehouse that brings data sources together into a single system that delivers powerful real-time insights and creates a path to positive student growth and outcomes."

Eleven of 47 school districts in the county have already been piloting the program, and Chevron's funding will make it possible for KiDs to expand to 19 additional school districts this year. The goal is to bring all districts into the program by 2023.

"KiDS serves as the engine that informs educational actions in our cradle-to-career initiative and will accelerate improved outcomes for all students regardless of the ZIP code they reside in," said Kern County Superintendent of Schools Mary Barlow, in a statement. "Chevron has been our longstanding partner and we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing and gracious support."