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This Oct. 8, 2014, photo shows convicted murderer Charles Manson.

Notorious mass murderer Charles Manson remained hospitalized in Bakersfield Tuesday for treatment of an undisclosed ailment, according to numerous media reports that were confirmed to The Californian by a local source.

Manson's hospitalization was first reported by TMZ, which said the 1960s cult leader was suffering from gastrointestinal issues. An unnamed source told the Los Angeles Times that Manson, who has also previously suffered from heart problems, was seriously ill.

Manson, 82 and imprisoned 65 miles north of Bakersfield at Corcoran State Prison, arrived at Mercy Hospital's downtown location Sunday night via the ER and was signed in as "Joe Doe," according to The Californian's source, who requested anonymity.

It was unclear if Manson was still being treated there or had been transferred to another hospital. However, several media organizations had Mercy's Truxtun Avenue hospital staked out Tuesday evening.

Manson had not been admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit, The Californian's source said.

When asked if Manson was at Mercy, Michelle Willow, spokesman for Dignity Health Mercy and Memorial Hospitals, said, "We have no information on a person by that name."

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Terry Thornton said she could not comment on medical issues regarding Manson or any other inmate. She did, however, confirm Manson was alive.

Manson is serving life without parole at Corcoran for leading his followers in a killing spree over two nights in 1969. 

They killed actress Sharon Tate and four others at Tate's home on Aug. 9, 1969. Tate was 8 1/2-months pregnant at the time. Grocers Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were killed the following evening. 

Manson, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkle, Susan Atkins and Charles Tex Watkins were each convicted of multiple counts of murder. 

Manson has repeatedly been denied parole, and his next hearing is scheduled for 2027. 

The story of how Manson lured young people into following him — and ordered them to carry out the gruesome killings he claimed were intended to start a race war — has infiltrated popular culture and been featured in books, movies, TV shows and music.

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amtfor attorneys

RED WOLF that was a good statement wonderful and I agree with you. At first when this happened I believed in the news story now after spending years in the courts and seeing how crooked and mean the judges are like Just Answer Yes Or No with answers like that no wonder the judges don't know what the case is really about and when you hire an attorney bend over and grab your ankles he's gonna give it to u and never know the case either. Everyone sitting in the halls are all scared to say how they really feel while the bloated attorneys walk around talking about there cases to others and making a fool of you. You think the judge dont know you are scared to say a word to them they won't like you are right and they glot about it changes need to be made don't forget the little boy who his father ate his eye because he was on drugs who let that one get away. I want Bakersfield to be known for that so tours can drive by the house where it happened and the court room should give tours on how they ruled in that case


Word is, that Charlie will not be leaving Mercy alive.

Red Wof

After 40 years of being a prisoner of circumstance, novelty and lies forced upon him; he has maintained his truth. His account of what happened has never wavered, yet everyone else’s who was involved has. It's amazing to me that people can't believe Charles Manson was railroaded, yet most accept that September 11th was perpetrated by the government, have no problem in believing the truth of chemtrails, etc. Could you think of any other case that has been sensationalized like Charles'? It's become a part of American culture. People accept it as fact, even though the killers have come out over the years and taken the responsibility for the murders. Charles Manson.... the world’s most famous serial killer and mass murderer who has never killed anyone. Interesting huh?

I find it interesting that one could sit so easily in judgment of him and consider him insane, while many call people like you and I "crazy" for our defense of the planet and risking our freedom to save the lives of animals. I could never stand above others like that; it's too human. What is sane? The majority of the world think it's 'sane' to live as slaves to money, to pollute the air and water to the point where it is killing us, giving us diseases and cancers. People find it sane to rip the testicles off a baby pig, smash it's teeth out, file off it's hooves, fatten it up with hormones and then slit its throat while alive so they can eat it for dinner.
Even people on the fringe of society (the activists) who preach sustainability and breaking from the grid are still locked in the cage of judgment. Don't think outside the box, GET RID of the box. 2000 years of human ego and judgment have got us where?

The members of the family..... well.... number one, there was no 'family' as the sensationalized book and movie (written by the prosecutor who made millions of dollars off them) suggests. There was a ranch in which many different groups of people lived. One of them an outlaw biker gang named the Straight Satans, of which killer Charles TEX Watson was involved with narcotics dealings. In fact, he stated publicly that he had been to the infamous Tate house before the night of his psychotic episode. The other murderers were tied into Tex and one girl, Susan Atkins, was girlfriend to Straight Satan member Danny DeCarlo. These people had nothing really to do with Charles Manson except for general acquaintance from living in the same vicinity. The group of 20 or so people that are referred to as ‘the family,’ the real group; were a group of vegetarians, naturalists and outsiders who broke free from society to live in harmony with the world. They grew their own crops, scavenged the garbage of the cities and lived as one. This was "the family," not the bullshit entity that the television and millionaire DA’s and authors want you to believe.
ATWA started with Charles Manson and the people in the desert. One of the brothers of ATWA who was there stopped eating meat the very first day he stayed on the ranch in Death Valley. Does that sound anything like the ridiculous version of ‘the family’ that is widely accepted?

People behave very scary, they act just like the monster that they want Charlie to be. They send death threats, they tell you that they hate you and hope you die, etc. The reason it's so easy to demonize and criminalize the people of nature, supporters of Charlie and eco warriors is because most people are truly blood thirsty, negative beings who live for despising people and pointing their finger in blame and judgment; it's a disease that has been separating humans from the Earth and each other for thousands of years. It's time to break that behavior cycle.
Look at the facts, while in prison Tex Watson (the guy who committed those horrible crimes, as stated by himself) was allowed to marry, father three children, write a bunch books and run a website! Susan, was allowed to marry, meet governors and celebrities, have special privileges, and write books. Leslie has celebrity friends and was allowed to further her education. Charles Manson, on the other hand, who has refused to give in and has always denied any involvement with those murders; has been placed in solitary confinement longer than ANY INMATE IN HISTORY. He is not allowed to make music, and has no privileges. He is imprisoned in a facility that confesses it’s own medical amenities are substandard. He has had his teeth knocked out by guards, his bones broke and was even set on fire while incarcerated.

Those people lied to save what they had left of their lives. They reaped what they sowed. Linda Kasabian who was AT THE MURDER SCENE was allowed to walk completely free. She saved her own skin by aiding in the fabrication of the 'Helter Skelter' nonsense.


"They grew their own crops"

Are you talking about the one spindly marijuana plant they tried to grow?

amtfor attorneys

let him out its enough the courts have let others go he can go on talk shows earn money pay it to the family who lost loved ones instead of us paying for his care there are others who take the public by white collier crimes like attorneys


This is not news! Why publish or even comment about "EVIL" Please stop


Please everybody show the THE SOUL all the respect he deserves in this comment section.

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