Cliff Chandler

Cliff Chandler has been named publisher of The Bakersfield Californian.

Cliff Chandler has been named publisher of The Bakersfield Californian, effective Sunday.

Steven Malkowich, executive vice president of Sound News Media, the owner of The Californian, said he is "extremely pleased" to announce Chandler's appointment to the role, which includes oversight of The Californian, Tehachapi News, The Record serving Delano and McFarland, Kern Business Journal, The Bakersfield Voice, Bakersfield Life and the affiliated websites.

"We are very confident in Cliff's appointment to the new role of publisher in leading The Californian into the future as Kern County's leading source of news and information," Malkowich said. "Please join us in congratulating Cliff in his new leadership role."

Chandler was promoted from the position of general manager, a role he had held since the July 1 purchase of The Californian by Sound News Media.

“I look forward to the opportunity to continue a legacy of top-notch news reporting with our staff of strong storytellers. We are fortunate to live in a community where people really care about what’s happening within our county, cities and neighborhoods," Chandler said.

He added that he is "excited to continue working with our local businesses in creating marketing strategies that drive traffic through their doors while also keeping valuable consumer shopping dollars local."

Before becoming general manager at The Californian, Chandler was director of advertising. He previously was automotive sales manager for three years at The San Diego Union-Tribune. He also brings experience as vice president of advertising at the San Francisco Media Group, which includes the San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly. Chandler brings sales managerial experience from the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, as well as from Digital First Media, a company that oversees several newspapers in the Los Angeles region.

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She Dee

If this is your idea of "top notch reporters & storytellers"...this may be the place to start the process of righting all of your wrongs. No need to tell stories...that's just fake news these days. Simply tell the facts & leave out the sensationalism. That's really all the public has ever wanted anyway....well, most of us.


I don't care who takes over as long as the content doesn't suffer and as long as people like Bob Price are still contributing.


All former positions were at liberal rags...


Don’t hate the players.

Hate the GAME.

Which is what politics is. Once you take the ‘left’ thing and the ‘right’ thing to heart you lose sight of what really matters. Ones health and goodwill to all men.

If not you are sentenced to a life of bitterness.

Mr. Knowitall’s work is done for today. Class dismissed.


What a Phenomenal coincidence a person with the last name Chandler should manage a Bakersfield newspaper. Either, respectfully, a spectacular fall from grace of a still fabulously wealthy but now nearly media irrelevant fall, or a parable recalling the classic words: ‘Rosebud’


Good luck. Very tough job. Interesting choice because the newspaper print industry has been described as “withering away”. Sales and scope of product shrinking confirms that as a national trending reality.

So why is there not a relatively young—30’s— Ivy League analytics-leaning hyper-energetic whiz-kid in charge?! They live n know the tastes of their brethren which is the economic future holding the key to profits. Perhaps this guy will have the foresight to snag such a person to serve as right hand. In the meantime—toss in a couple salads.

Jerry Todd

I doubt we need any more Ivy Leaguers in God's country. Don't they screw up enough of our Constitutional Republic by insisting it's a Democracy? We have enough problems with the East Coast D'Allesandro/Pelosi/Newsom crime family from Baltimore.

Things ran pretty smoothly for years under CEO Jerry Kent Stanners. He was a track star at University of Illinois with a sharp business mind. I remember him well, since we were both awarded Senior Men's Activity Ma-Wan-Da 1957 at University of Illinois.


You sound like a Comrade Trump supporter.


Bakersfield describes as “God’s country”? That is hilarious. Striking unit’s absurdity. 112 degrees one quarter if the year. Check. Worst air pollution in the USA. Check. Highest unemployment in California. Check. Homeless problem no official wants to touch with a ten-foot pole. Check. Oildale is meth capitol of the world. Check. Lowest tech economy in California. Check. Impotent law enforcement due to low staffing. Check. I don’t have all day to keep listing n checking. Check.

Jerry Stanners? Ha. That tickles me. His duties consisted of collecting the gold pouring in from a community and era when The Californian was a ‘must have’ item each n every day. So yeah—-“things ran pretty smoothly for years under Jerry”. Uh. Ya think?

The times outgrew him and he became obsolete. Nice man. Good athlete apparently.

Bakersfield. God’s country. Lol. Yup. Up until the 1980’s ended. Now? Some more jaded than I might call it Lucifer Country. Despite it’s flaws, Mr. Knowitall loves Bakersfield. Hate to see the direction it’s flung headlong into though.

Jerry Todd

My reaction exactly. He hasn't had time to review and approve all the anti-Trump letters and op-ed's similar to the leftist attitude of the LA Times, once a major Chandler property - and Tejon Ranch, as I recall?

Either we're surrounded or in for a great ride. KAG!

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