A 10-year-old California City boy suffered major injuries after he fell while "surfing" on the hood of a car driven by his mother.

According to Cal City Police Chief Eric Hurtado, the incident happened late Friday afternoon. The boy's 31-year-old mom — her name has not been released — was behind the wheel of her car just arriving home from work.

"The 10-year-old was outside, playing with friends in the street," Hurtado said. "He got up on the hood of the car."

Rather than placing the car in park and ordering him off the vehicle, the woman began moving forward.

"She started driving with the child on the hood of the car — in a residential area," Hurtado said.

They only made it three houses down the street when the boy fell in front of the car.

"The mom ran over the boy," Hurtado said.

Despite the seriousness of the boy's injuries, by Monday his condition was listed as stable. It appeared the injuries were not life-threatening, Hurtado said.

As of Monday, no arrest had been made in the incident.

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Duh . . . uh . . . hmmmm?

Boogerface Nutter

Candidate for the Darwin Awards "Mother of the Year" honors


Got my vote...


In 1980, I crawled out the passenger window of my friend’s car on New Stine. I grabbed a hold of the roof at the top of each door. I told him to not hit the breaks. We drove for a mile as I lay spread eagle on the roof. I crawled back in and we continued on our sojourn,


Gosh . . . that's a furrrr piece down the road . . . and hard to hit from way out here in the wild-wild-west . . . especially. . . 'spread-eagled' . . . !! >>> https://missouribreaks.org/the-breaks/visiting-the-breaks/


Yuuup. About right for folks outchea in the boonies.


Not necessarily. YouTube is filled with people old enough to know better doing stupid things in the 'burbs"

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