California almond growers are on track to outdo themselves again this year, as record investment in acreage and surprisingly little weather damage raise expectations the state will see its largest-ever harvest this fall.

As rents rise in central Bakersfield and momentum moves eastward, a gallery and events business credited as being a catalyst for downtown's arts district is planning a half-mile move to the area known as Eastchester.

Local almond and pistachio growers are bracing for an open-ended trade conflict economists say will hit the Central Valley particularly hard, not only in the near term but potentially much longer because of their effect on hard-to-build relationships between buyers and sellers around the world.

Another Bakersfield golf course is fighting for survival after falling on hard financial times, as much a reflection of local economic conditions as the sport's fading popularity.

Frustration abounded locally after Wednesday's failure of another immigration bill in the U.S. House of Representatives — but so, too, did hopeful calls for substitute legislation addressing the needs of Kern individuals and businesses.

Walking is powerful. Studies show that the more densely urban and walkable an area is, the more economically valuable. It follows, then, that cities would be smart to promote urbanism and walkability in their central core; it helps the entire city thrive. It bodes well over time for business…

A pop-culture phenomenon some liken to the informal hot-rod meets of the 1960s and '70s plays out every Saturday night in Bakersfield parking lots, as owners of souped-up truck and import cars known as "tuners" or "ricers" gather to check out each other's rides and show off their skill at the racing style known as "drifting." Despite neighbors' complaints and an evolving approach by law enforcement, participants and spectators say the events will continue unless a suitable alternative venue becomes available.

This week's failure by Congress to pass either of two immigration reform bills has prompted California's leading agricultural trade group to reiterate, in polite terms, its longstanding demands for a solution to the state's chronic shortage of farmworkers.

Wouldn’t you like to be a centenarian? Or better yet, a healthy, active, vital 100-year-old? (If I lived that long, I would at least hope to be physically, mentally and emotionally vibrant enough to enjoy the final years of my life.)

It’s pretty remarkable, really. In the last two years, the number of local coffeehouses downtown has almost tripled. (Of course, we only had two in 2016, so there was room for growth). But we’re now up to five: Dagny’s (the classic), Farmacy Cafe at The Padre (a more upscale option) and newb…

Kern farmworkers' wages have begun to increase as a result of a federal immigration crackdown, competition from growers to the north and improvement in the overall economy. Whether there are enough workers to staff the table grape harvest will become clear within about a month.

Diego Ramos's parents haven't started pestering him, yet, but as a graduating high school senior he'd like to pick up a little spending money. So, he's considering applying for a summer job.

Recent agricultural hiring combined with positive trends in oil, manufacturing and professional services helped lower Kern's unemployment rate by more than 1 percentage point in April to a seasonally unadjusted 8.3 percent, the county's lowest level since November.