Local oil producer California Resources Corp. said Wednesday afternoon it has negotiated another deadline extension with its biggest lenders and now has until 8:59 p.m. Sunday to make interest-only payments totaling $30 million.

Two Bakersfield hospitals have temporarily stopped offering elective medical procedures in order to remain responsive to more urgent cases as local COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise and push local medical centers toward to their physical limits.

A federal judge closed the book Tuesday on the Bakersfield Investment Club, the locally originating Ponzi scam that attracted almost $16 million from more than 500 investors before it was shut down in 2016.

Bay Area scientists have signed off on a series of fracking permits in western Kern County, allowing the well-completion technique to proceed after Gov. Gavin Newsom put in place new, time-consuming review procedures prompted by environmental concerns and regulatory conflict-of-interest accu…

Oil producer California Resources Corp., the large local employer that has struggled lately to keep up with its debt payments, said Thursday it has won more time to satisfy its biggest creditors.

Meadows Field Airport has been notified it will receive $11.1 million in federal taxpayer money to rehabilitate its main taxiway and make other repairs expected to reduce the property's maintenance costs.

The state Attorney General's Office is investigating whether California agricultural employers are doing enough to protect their workforce from the spread of COVID-19.

In another sign of trouble for one of Kern's largest oil producers, California Resources Corp. on Thursday posted a first quarter loss of $1.8 billion — 38 times more money than the company reported losing during the same three-month period last year.

Independently owned local restaurants have been the primary beneficiaries of Kern's pandemic recovery program, followed by insurance agencies, bars and real estate offices, as the county prepares to distribute the remaining three-fifths of a fund lenders say has already helped the area's economy.

Christina Sistrunk, the former international oil executive who has led one of Bakersfield's largest petroleum producers during a rough five years for the industry, announced Tuesday she will retire from Aera Energy LLC at the end of September.

The absence of magazines, toys and other people in the waiting room might come as a shock to some patients, but that won't be their first indication that the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the experience of going to see a dentist.

After a big jump in April, local joblessness eased slightly last month as industries from farming and health care to retail and hospitality brought back workers, according to state figures released Friday.

A local college official says Amazon is looking to hire more than 3,000 people — three times the total required under a subsidy agreement worked out with Kern County officials — to work full- and part-time at a large distribution center the e-commerce giant expects to open this summer just n…

A large local oil producer has won a deadline extension from its creditors that allows it to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection after it was unable twice recently to make scheduled interest payments totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Remote work may be the future for many more employees, and this new reality presents an interesting opportunity for cities like ours. Given recent announcements from technology companies planning to permanently move to remote work, could Bakersfield be seen as a remote work capital?

Mission Bank is again looking to expand into San Luis Obispo after its first attempt to enter the Central Coast market more than a year ago was delayed by a staffing change at the Bakersfield-based institution.

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Local banks and credit unions say Kern County borrowers have largely avoided falling behind on their debt payments during the quarantine, mostly because of loan deferments and government assistance programs, but that it's unclear how long the pattern will hold as the coronavirus crisis drags on.

Kern's market for office and retail space continues to face a stiff challenge from the quarantine, though local commercial real estate professionals say some of the recent problems predate the pandemic and it's possible the overall impact of the crisis might not be as bad as feared.

Five local employers including Bakersfield's public bus service have announced another 124 layoffs, according to records shared Thursday by Kern County government.

In another sign of the challenges racking Kern's signature industry, a Bakersfield oil producer says tough market conditions and uncertainty on permitting matters have persuaded it to walk away from a project in northern Santa Barbara County that it had worked on for about six years.

Still more layoff notices trickled in Friday, as four additional companies announced a total of 234 job cuts two months after California's stay-home order took effect.

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Amazon expects to start hiring soon to fill the bulk of the jobs being created at a four-story distribution center nearing completion just north of Meadows Field Airport.