Black Friday bargains can take so many different forms these days — free shipping, promotional codes, digital coupons — how's a shopper supposed to see beyond the price tag and spot the best overall deal?

The longest lines on Black Friday often lead to big-box retailers, which isn't surprising given the resources they invest in the start of the holiday shopping season. But they're hardly the only stores looking to rack up big sales this week.

Kern County oil producers do not expect the recent decline in barrel prices to result in widespread layoffs, though some said caution and reassessment of upcoming drilling projects may be in order.

Far from the bars and restaurants of downtown, in an area that mostly closes down after dark, Bakersfield's semi-official brewing district is forging a unique identity that participating business owners see as becoming a popular destination for craft beer connoisseurs and hobbyists.

It wouldn't be a Kern County Energy Summit without commentaries on the downsides of government regulation. But Wednesday morning's annual industry gathering also offered something for those who see the cup as half full.

I have been happily married for eight years this fall. We were such babies back then, it now seems. Still, certain moments feel like they occurred just yesterday.

Amazon would receive $3 million in local tax rebates in exchange for employing 1,000 Kern County residents at the 2.6 million-square-foot distribution center the retail giant is building next to Meadows Field Airport, according to a proposal released Thursday.

My friend Jeran McConnel is a modern maker and creator of Oleander and Palm, a lifestyle brand. Jeran and I share a love of old homes, modern design and traveling. We attend the same church. She is someone I look up to as a working mother. Her three children, two of them teenagers, are the s…

Joblessness in Kern County fell to 6.6 percent in September, its lowest level in 12 years as a month-over-month surge in farm employment and a smaller increase in government hiring helped make up for declines in construction, manufacturing and service industries.

Demolition work began next to The Dome on Wednesday, one day after the city of Bakersfield issued a demo permit to the historically notable property's new owner.

Bakersfield College sociology student Endea Hodges had never attended a job fair and wasn't sure what to expect when she arrived at Valley Plaza mall Thursday. But somehow she assumed there would be tables set up and stores would be hiring people on the spot.

Earthmovers shuttled up and down a large dirt mound across from Meadows Field airport Monday, the latest sign Amazon is moving ahead with a plan to open a distribution center that would employ at least 1,000 people as soon as late 2019.

Not long ago, Long Beach was known widely as a gritty working-class city, a place under the shadow of Los Angeles that struggled with deeply embedded problems, worker strikes and closures, departing industry and economic heartache. As the second-busiest shipping port in the United States, it…

Shell wants to sell a pipeline connecting Kern County oilfields with Bay Area refineries, a move that probably wouldn't affect consumers in the near term but which could lead to changes for local oil producers.

Mission Bank is making its biggest-ever geographical leap, jumping clear across the San Joaquin Valley to open a business banking center in Stockton that will serve farmers and other businesses in communities including Lodi, Manteca and Tracy.

There are many reasons to love and care about this community. I typically write about the overwhelmingly positive things that make this place great. Bakersfield possesses authentic culture, great restaurants, incredible outdoor amenities, genuine people and a quality of life like no place I …