Sears Holdings announced today it will close another 142 unprofitable stores, as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, on top of 46 store closings announced this summer. Among those will be the Sears store in Bakersfield on Ming Avenue and the Kmart in Delano.

Bakersfield College sociology student Endea Hodges had never attended a job fair and wasn't sure what to expect when she arrived at Valley Plaza mall Thursday. But somehow she assumed there would be tables set up and stores would be hiring people on the spot.

Earthmovers shuttled up and down a large dirt mound across from Meadows Field airport Monday, the latest sign Amazon is moving ahead with a plan to open a distribution center that would employ at least 1,000 people as soon as late 2019.

Not long ago, Long Beach was known widely as a gritty working-class city, a place under the shadow of Los Angeles that struggled with deeply embedded problems, worker strikes and closures, departing industry and economic heartache. As the second-busiest shipping port in the United States, it…

Shell wants to sell a pipeline connecting Kern County oilfields with Bay Area refineries, a move that probably wouldn't affect consumers in the near term but which could lead to changes for local oil producers.

Mission Bank is making its biggest-ever geographical leap, jumping clear across the San Joaquin Valley to open a business banking center in Stockton that will serve farmers and other businesses in communities including Lodi, Manteca and Tracy.

There are many reasons to love and care about this community. I typically write about the overwhelmingly positive things that make this place great. Bakersfield possesses authentic culture, great restaurants, incredible outdoor amenities, genuine people and a quality of life like no place I …

Though still well behind the rest of the state, Kern posted a big improvement in its jobless rate last month, dropping from a seasonally unadjusted 8.1 percent in July to 7.3 percent in August.

The Bakersfield Historic Preservation Commission has reached out to the current and former owners of The Dome urging them to consider an alternative to demolishing the architecturally novel event venue built in 1940.

I was walking downtown recently after a stop at our local post office. As I passed by the Be in Bakersfield murals behind Locale, I smiled as I saw teenagers lined up to take photos in front of the piece titled “Be Unafraid,” painted by Danielle Loustalot. The artist included an Elsie de Wol…

The dominant narrative about Bakersfield is often inaccurate, and at the very least, incomplete. There’s a richer depth to the people that were born and nurtured here. Our history is full of fascinating and innovative individuals. Unfortunately, we don’t hear, repeat and internalize these st…

ALAN TANDY, Bakersfield city manager — maraschino cherry plant worker: "Pallets of picked cherries in wooden boxes were brought in and my job was to dump the cherries from the boxes into a belt that conveyed them into wooden vats where an acid product removed their taste and color. The boxes…

Iconic Bakersfield-based grower Bolthouse Farms is being marketed for sale as part of a plan by its owner, New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Co., to refocus on its core North American businesses.

United Farm Workers Secretary-Treasurer Teresa Romero has been selected to replace union President Arturo S. Rodriguez upon his retirement Dec. 20, making her the first Latina to head a national union in the United States.

The new logo atop Berry Petroleum Co. LLC's Truxtun Avenue headquarters is apt as symbols go — an oil droplet surrounded by a water-evoking blue curve with a lowercase "B" nestled in between. But it hardly begins to tell the story of the company's dramatic homecoming.

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the Trump administration endangered public health by keeping a widely used pesticide on the market despite extensive scientific evidence that even tiny levels of exposure can harm babies' brains.

The Outlets at Tejon has had a tough time financially lately and continues to experience a churn of tenants coming and going. But people familiar with the industry say it's all part of finding the right balance of tenants to persuade people to either pull off the freeway or drive a considerable distance for items they can't find closer to home.

He lived there less than two years, but to his family, Merle Haggard's home on Brae Burn Drive, four houses down from the Bakersfield Country Club, was the first real tangible evidence that dad was something special. It also meant they could finally be a family again.