Brimhall Road has been torn up again.

Less than two years after the road was resurfaced, a trench has been opened on Brimhall's northern edge, roughly between Jewetta Avenue and Aldershot Drive, to make way for a municipal water filtration project.

Bakersfield Public Works Director Nick Fidler said the latest project is an emergency measure designed to filter out 1,2,3 trichloropropane, a potentially harmful pollutant also known as TCP.

Required and funded by state government, the work by Bakersfield's Water Resources Department involves installing two filtration vessels on Brimhall's north side. They will be connected to drain lines leading to a nearby storm drain.

Fidler said the water department will need to return the road to the same quality, or better, than it was prior to the start of the project.

He added that his department had no knowledge of the water project when the municipal street resurfacing work began in December of 2016. That project was completed in January of 2017.

"We weren't aware of (the filtration project) until after we completed our project," he said.

The head of the Water Resources Department could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The project is at least the third road work-related disruption along Brimhall in recent years.

A year or two before the city resurfaced Brimhall between Calloway Drive and Allen Road, Fidler said, Southern California Edison replaced a natural gas main pipeline along Brimhall between Jewetta and about Jenkins Road.

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So, this will be the third time Brimhall is torn up right after resurfacing. Great job on communicating and planning.

Patricia Edna

First after resurfacing. The city can’t help mandatory state ordered and funded projects. They have to comply. I’m sure your little world will survive after this minor disruption.

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