A bullet piercing in Amanda Bluemel's front lawn after a stranger shot at her dog on Tuesday. 

In a bizarre series of events, an unknown masked man ended up firing a pistol at a local woman’s dog Tuesday after he ended up being at the wrong house.

Southwest Bakersfield resident Amanda Bluemel said that around 11 a.m. Tuesday she responded to a ring at her doorbell and discovered an unknown man who identified himself as George. He was wearing a face mask, baseball cap, blue button-down shirt and work pants, Bluemel said.

Her two dogs came to the door and one of them began barking at the man, Bluemel said. He started backing down Bluemel’s driveway, lost his balance and pulled a gun from his waistband, firing at one of the dogs.

“The guy said he felt like he was in danger of my 30-pound dog,” Bluemel said. “The man says he is at the wrong house and he felt like my little barking dog was going to kill him.”

Bluemel said the man took off in his car immediately after the incident. Her husband came outside and they called Bakersfield Police.

When BPD responded, Bluemel said they located a .45 caliber shell casing and that the bullet had gone about five inches into the ground and then veered to the left.

BPD spokesman Sgt. Robert Pair confirmed Bluemel’s account from a police report taken from the incident. He said BPD is interested in following up and learning who the man is as it's “unlawful to discharge a firearm in a negligent fashion.”

“We would have to investigate if the dogs were actually threatening his life, if the guy was a lawful gun owner or if he even had a concealed carry license,” Pair said. “You have a right to defend yourself, but I wouldn’t encourage citizens to shoot dogs when people are around them.”

Pair said a negligent discharge of a firearm can result in a felony when bodily harm is inflicted.

Bluemel isn't planning on pressing charges against the stranger but simply wants to bring awareness to the situation.

“I will never answer the door again,” Bluemel said. “I will just talk through the alarm system when someone comes to the door from now on.”

Bluemel declined to give the specific neighborhood she lives in, but said the incident was unusual for the area. She added that her college-aged daughter was home when it occurred.

Bluemel said the turn of events had her going through a range of emotions.

“I was scared. I wondered if my dog was OK and I just was glad it didn’t hit me or (the dog)," Bluemel said. “I was also angry that someone would come onto my property and have a gun.”

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All Star

She notifies the newspaper to do a story about her and the incident, but doesn't want to give what neighborhood she lives in? It took me about 30 seconds to find her home address on the internet.

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