Over a span of four days, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office investigated three school shooting threats.

After investigating all three incidents, the department determined none of the juvenile suspects who made the threats had actual intent to carry out the threats, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

The first threat occurred on Sunday, when deputies learned an unknown Instagram user had messaged three Desert High School students at Edwards Air Force Base, threatening to shoot and stab them at the next football game, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said the suspect said he was a member of the opposing football team and gave a jersey number.

However, after an investigation, the Sheriff’s office said detectives determined one of the reported victims, a 15-year-old, was actually the suspect who had sent messages to the victims as well as himself to throw off investigators.

The suspect was booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of two counts of criminal threats and false report of a crime.

On Tuesday, deputies from the Lamont Substation were dispatched to Alicante Elementary School and learned that a 9-year-old student had said he intended to kill teachers and staff, a Sheriff’s report said.

The deputies ensured the student did not have access to firearms, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A report will be forwarded to both juvenile probation and child protective services.

On Wednesday, deputies from the Kern Valley Substation learned a student had been seen on social media putting a handgun in his backpack and telling people not to go to school in the morning, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies went to the student’s house and learned the gun had been a pellet gun and the student had been mimicking a music video, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

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Glad I grew up in the 1950s


3 threats of gun violence at school. Um. Nothing to see here folks. This is Kern County. Gun country. Just ask Beane n Jazz McKay. Oh. Maybe not Jazz. Was investigated on his own gun threats. AK-15. But not to worry. Canned at one Rafio station. But picked right back up at another. Lol.

Oh. Kid investigators Determined kids could not access a gun. Today. Tuck those nice lil kiddies back into school. No problem. They were just “joshing”. Lol. Put them in CYA. Start their life-cycle properly since they love trouble—give them plenty there.

Or just keep them around our kids n families. Nothing to worry about. Right? Mr. Knowitall is always right, ergo to wit my moniker. It’s my real name. Deal wit it.


If only people hated bad grammar, poor punctuation, spelling mistakes, and incoherent thought with as much passion as their hatred for legal gun owners.


Yeah. Like punctuation on a post in a forlorn outpost. Yeah. What person in their rocker would find that more important than 225 random shootings in the past year. Guess Dayton n El Paso n Gilroy n Sandy Hook would be beacons for sanity in maniacal gun huggers if only those who blogged or posted about it had terrific grammar and punctuation. Mr. Knowitall forgives those who look in the shallows of tawdry canals, whilst I fish the depths of the oceans. All in a day’s work.


Depth is a relative term. Puddles often appear huge to those with a shallow world-view.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Mrknowitall except proper grammar and punctuation. Guess you really don't know it all, do you??? LOL


I have to agree with you.

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