Police arrested three Mongols Motorcycle Club affiliates on Monday in connection with a confrontation with Hells Angels members on Buck Owens Boulevard last month that resulted in a Mongol being fatally shot.

Christopher Clay Wilson, 40, Eliseo Ray Miranda, 45, and Arturo Desiderio, 37, were arrested on suspicion of crimes including attempted murder and gang participation, according to police. 

The confrontation occurred May 5 as Hells Angels bikers were attending an event in the 3200 block of Buck Owens Boulevard. A number of Mongols — who have a long, violent rivalry with the Hells Angels — showed up in what police say was a deliberate plan to provoke the Hells Angels into a fight. 

One of the Mongols, Ricardo Viera, fired a round from an illegal firearm into a crowd of people at the event, police said. At least one person was struck and suffered minor injuries.

Another person at the event then armed himself with a handgun and fired several rounds at Viera, killing him. Police said this man, who is not associated with the Hells Angels, called the Bakersfield Police Department several minutes later and reported his involvement.

He was detained, but was not arrested or charged as witness statements and video backed up his statement to police. 

Court records show Miranda and Desiderio are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon. 

The investigation remains ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call the Bakersfield Police Department at 327-7111. 

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My question is, "how did the Mongol come into possession of an illgal firearm"? This is California, the state with some of the most restrictive and draconian gun laws in the United States. Oh, that's becasue the gun laws only impact law abiding citizens not the criminals!


Right? And one million people run red lights in New York City daily, so take down those useless traffic lights. If a law is broken, get rid of the law, problem solved. No more law breakers, cuz, its not against the law anymore.


It's refreshing to see members of a notorious motorcycle club engaging in such close cooperation with law enforcement. The results of such cooperation are evident: anonymity for the shooter and information exchanged which resulted in further arrests of rival club members. Such cooperation would once have been unheard of. Hats off to those club members who performed their civic duty aiding the police.

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