A surprise storm rustled through Bakersfield Sunday afternoon, with gusty winds that toppled signs, snapped tree branches, scattered debris and flooded several area streets and neighborhods. 

"We've had reports of downed power lines and tree limbs all over the city," said Lieutenant Watch Commander Clayton Madden of Bakersfield Police Department. 

According to the CHP traffic website, Highway 99 was marked closed at Hosking Road at approximately 5 p.m. Madden said that Highway 99 and Ming Avenue had been reported as backed up. 

Watch Lieutenant Bill Smallwood of Kern County Sheriff's Office said that there had been reports of some power outages in south Bakersfield. 

"Most of it is just trees and debris in the roadway," Smallwood said. "It seems like this storm came out of nowhere."

Smallwood also said that there have been no reports of injuries. 

"Best thing to do during a time like this is to stay inside and away from trees as they are falling," Smallwood said. 

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Tony Tee

Dear Lord of the Universe,
Rain, Rain, Rain! Make it rain plenty in Kern County!
Please bring more rain to fill our waterways and reservoirs. Gov. Brown and the Dems place more importance on the High Speed Railway (HSR) than the water project we voted for three years ago. Gov. Brown and the Dems may be already misappropriating the money meant for the water project, and spending it on the HSR.

So please Lord, Make it Rain, Rain, Rain! While we are on the subject of BRINGING, can you BRING us a Republican Governor in the 2018 elections?

- Your Humble Servant.


Just shows how unprepared BAKWARDSFIELD is....nothing from Hanford US weather station, nothing from local media...my attitude is YOU ARE ON YOU OWN!


Surprise no comment on palm tree fire due to lightning strike in Rosedale.


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