A fight between several inmates at Lerdo Jail Tuesday night mushroomed into a riot with more than 100 participants and ended with injuries, broken furniture and multiple law enforcement agencies called in to restore order, according to sheriff's officials.

The incident began at about 9:30 p.m. when several inmates refused to comply with the jail's nightly lockdown and head count in the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Office. A few began fighting, and the altercation quickly spread to involve more than 120 inmates. 

The Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team and SWAT were called out to assist in ending the riot, the Sheriff's Office said, and sheriff's patrol units, the Bakersfield Police Department and the California Highway Patrol assisted with perimeter security.

The riot lasted two hours, and it took an additional four hours to search housing units and rehouse the inmates. Four inmates suffered injuries requiring treatment at a hospital, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The housing units in F-Pod — the location in Pre-Trial where the riot occurred — sustained damage to  televisions, seats, tables, windows and doors, according to the Sheriff's Office. All of the inmates involved have been rehoused throughout Lerdo while repairs are being made.

The Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility will remain on lockdown and visiting suspended until further notice. The cause is under investigation.

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I heard the whole thing unfold and they did not handle it professionally at all. Believe this,non of you know what your talking about!


work their dumb asses off, be to tired to riot...


Don't repair or replace the televisions and broken furniture. Let them sit/ sleep/eat on the floor and watch the wall paint crack. Maybe they will think twice about rioting and tearing up stuff that taxpayers provide for their sorry butts.
Better yet, next time they pull that nonsense, UNlock and UN load!


You do not the of the innocent people in there, what if you were in there and they ¨Ünlocked and unloaded¨ how would you feel, maybe you would die. Think about it, just cause your free, don't stop thinking about others.


First of all, the first sentence of your post is gibberish. Secondly, there are no "innocent" people in jail. Least of all in the area this occurred in. Any visitors would have been immediately shepherded to a safe area, or locked in the visitation area until the riot was under control. Who ever started the riot should feel lucky that they didn't do it in a maximum security State prison. If you pull that nonsense there, the first thing you hear is a few guards telling you to "STOP AND DROP"
If you fail to heed that warning, the next thing you will hear is the racking of a shotgun or rifle. And if that doesn't get your attention, prepare to "drop" to the ground forcibly, as the next sound you will hear will be a loud BANG. Those state boys take riot control seriously, and they rarely miss their intended target.


In addition, innocent sheriff's deputies had to put THEIR lives in danger to go in and physically contain the violence!


I don't know what prison u have been to but they don't shoot bullets at u. Would u say the stuff u said if u had a loved one in there? And dont try and lie by saying all your loved ones are innocent law abiding citizens.


Should have just mowed them down with automatic weapons. Problem solved.


In fact, more problems would've been created, only dumb people would think of doing that, ¨mowing¨ them down with automatic weapons would have caused chaos all around the community. People who have family or friends in their could have died, I too have an older brother in there, thankfully he is okay. The jail handled the situation correctly, they did what was needed. @byebyeCA, stick to video games.

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