Raising Cane’s is expected to open its second location in Bakersfield later this year.

The chicken-focused eatery has applied for a permit with the city to demolish the old Mimi’s Cafe at 4025 California Ave., which has been vacant for the past few years, with a plan to build a new 4,328-square-foot restaurant on the site.

Assistant Building Director Mark Fick said the business started tearing down the old building on Tuesday morning after the permit they filed with the city was approved in April. However, the company is still awaiting approval from the city to move forward with new construction.

Fick said the city has reviewed plans for the new building and have sent back comments to the architect. If the revised plans meet the city’s requirements, a construction permit is likely to be approved.

Fick said he’s not sure how long the demolition will take, but the permit is active for 180 days.

If approved, this will be the second Raising Cane’s eatery in Bakersfield. A restaurant opened at 3224 Coffee Road this past February.

Raising Cane's was not able to provide comment on Tuesday. 

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Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

What should be approved is the demolition of every structure in Bako with no rebuild...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

What should be approved is the deleting of your continual inane comments about our community. Despite your handle, I seriously doubt you even live here- if you do, please move and do us all a favor. Thanks!

Marshal Clay Farr

The planners in the City of Bakersfield again approve the demolition of an nice looking building for a new generic fast food establishment. Mimi's is no Mexacali, however: the mentality is the same. Poor planning


As long as the City's development standards contain no architectural criteria, they can't say much about what a building looks like.

amtfor attorneys

that was a nice place but what ever another food place we need for the fattys here

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