A deputy shot a pit bull Monday after the animal attacked a county mental health worker during an investigation, sheriff's officials said.

The 3-year-old dog survived the 3:30 p.m. shooting in the 2000 block of Valencia Drive, east of Fairfax Road and north of Niles Street, and was seized by Animal Control officers. 

The person who was attacked is a member of the county's Behavioral Health and Recovery Service's Mobile Evaluation Team (MET), which assists deputies in investigations involving people experiencing mental health crises, sheriff's officials said. 

On Monday, the MET member was talking with someone in a front yard when the pit bull came racing from a side yard and bit him, according to sheriff's officials. A deputy tried deploying a Taser to stop the attack, but it had no effect.

The dog continued attacking the MET member, biting him on his left forearm and right ankle, according to the Sheriff's Office. The deputy then fired one shot, striking the dog.

The MET member was transported to Kern Medical Center for treatment and later released. 

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DB Bell

It's cruel to support dog fighters and their continuing breeding FOR unprovoked prolonged deadly psychopathic suicidal aggression.

"Good" game insane pits will attack even as they are dying. That's what "dead game" means. That's why "good" pits don't stop.

Before bully dog pollution of our community, dogs rarely got shot for attacking humans, since you could stop most dogs with a kick or a whack.

Now "good" game insane pits stop at nothing, not even at warning gun shots. This you would learn by reading the ATTS description and results.

86% of pits pass this often misused test. Some claim the test proves pit bull gentleness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The pit who just killed his bff toddler or dismembered the elderly neighbor, could pass the ATTS. No children, no senior citizens, no neighbors standing at the mailbox, are included in the test.

Part 4 is where a starter pistol is fired three times behind the dog. Dogs who panic fail the test. 86% of pits don't panic. This tells a thinking person that if your goal is to stop a pit attack, 86% of pits don't stop for gunshots, you'll have to shoot to severely injure or kill.

Pits are victims too of these manmade mutations. Stop making more victims.
Stop breeding fighting dogs/pits.

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