California avoids major power outages as wildfires rage

In this Aug. 18, 2017, file photo, electrical power flow, and conditions are monitored at the California Independent System Operator (California ISO) grid control center in Folsom, Calif.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. warned Monday of possible Public Safety Power Shutoffs due to extreme weather conditions and to reduce the risk of wildfire from energized power lines.

During a 6 p.m. Monday online briefing, PG&E said the shutoffs could happen for around 638 customers in Kern County as soon as noon Tuesday with an estimated restoration of 7 p.m. Wednesday. A PG&E news release said those 638 customers include 32 medical baseline customers, and include Bakersfield and unincorporated areas.

The San Francisco-based utility issued an updated advisory Tuesday morning that the shutoffs in Bakersfield are expected to begin at 2 p.m.

Kern County is among 21 counties that could be impacted between Monday night and 7 p.m. Wednesday. In total, some 172,000 customers throughout PG&E's service area in California could be impacted.

During the online briefing, PG&E officials said they give people 48 hours of notice of potential PSPS whenever possible.

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(4) comments


Thank you environmentalists who want to make us rely on their pie-in-the-sky solar and wind farms. I hope the only people who are hit by this outage are environmentalists.

Take action Now

Can you read? It has nothing to do with wind/ solar, it has to do with heating up power lines to the point of sparking. The same thing happens when you use electrical item for along time. Feel the cord on how it heats up.

Just go back to the good old days when humans had no A/C or electricity and humans lived by moonlight and candle light.for millions of years. I think we will survive if we lose electricity for a few hours.


Honestly, if your government is too inept to deliver the basics, and other than water, something else California can’t deliver, there is nothing more basic than electricity, you live in a third world country.

Want to know what else only happens in third world countries? Being told to shut off or power down your electricity at a certain time each day only happens in third world countries you know, like the third world country of California.

There’s no shortage of electrical power in this country, but there is in California, because stupid politicians elected by stupid voters put Delta Smelt above curing human misery and refuse to build the necessary infrastructure to deliver the necessary power and water.

Oh, and you’re not saving the planet, morons.

Humans causing Global Warming is a Hoax. Pathetic.

You get what you vote for, and you voted for not enough water and electricity.

The Independent Voter

Hey, Inaction Now, is it news it gets hot in California in the summer? Fires, heat and Santa Ana winds have always been. But mismanagement of the grid and our resources here is a more recent thing. Hard to blame it on the powerless political minority. Even Newsom admitted green energy in the state has come up short. But, I predict, the looney left will double down and reinforce the failed policies that are, indeed, continuing to turn this once-great state into a third world joke. Instead of finger pointing and making excuses for the party in power, why not get real, hold them accountable and demand change?

Welcome to the discussion.

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