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The Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s Southern Tri-County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Unit arrested five people Tuesday on suspicion of numerous felony charges. 

Michael Zimmerman, 34, was arrested in the 1900 block of La France Drive, KCSO said in a news release. The suspected charges included a felon in possession of firearms, manufacturing an assault weapon, possession of a controlled substance while armed, possession of a controlled substance for sales and possession of a stolen firearm. Also, Lane Sessions, 24, and Jacob Whelden, 33, were arrested and booked for several active felony warrants, KCSO said.

Deputies located 57.6 grams of methamphetamine, several Xanax bars, two illegally possessed rifles, two firearm silencers, three illegally manufactured handguns and $3,932 in cash believed to be obtained from drug sales, KCSO said.

Richard Moran, 31, and Jacqueline Veliz, 27, were also arrested in the 5800 block of Grizzly Peak Drive, KCSO said. The suspected charges included possession of marijuana for sales, keeping a place for controlled substance sales, felony child endangerment, illegal possession of gambling machines and operation of a cannabis dispensary.

Deputies located 34 pounds of processed marijuana, seven illegal gaming machines, over 2,200 grams of cannabis concentrates and $76,413 in cash believed to be obtained from drug sales, KCSO said.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact KCSO at 861-3110 or Secret Witness Hotline at 322-4040.

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By God! If only the Democrats had moved a little faster to defund the police, these "upstanding" citizens would still be out there, contributing to society.


What on God's Green Earth is a Xanax bar?

All Star

Ever heard of a Google search?


I don't know, but if it tastes better than a Payday, I'll have one!!

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