A man who pleaded no contest to spousal abuse and impregnating his teenage minor girlfriend was sentenced Tuesday to eight years in prison.

Jacob Dixon, 28, had faced a life term if convicted of kidnapping and a number of the other 20 offenses originally filed against him. Eighteen of those charges were dismissed, and Dixon pleaded no contest Oct. 8 to felony spousal abuse and unlawful sexual intercourse.

DNA evidence proved Dixon had impregnated a teen girl who later gave birth to twins. But charges regarding another teen girl’s allegations against him — including that he raped her and held her captive for three days — were dismissed.

“Jacob’s a good kid,” Dixon’s attorney, Kyle J. Humphrey, said Tuesday afternoon. “He comes from a good family. He made the mistake of running with the wrong crowd.”

Prosecutor Kristina Wenzel could not immediately be reached for comment.

Dixon was arrested July 2, 2014, after a teen girl who said she had dated him told police he abducted her in north Bakersfield and kept her locked in a bedroom in his apartment. According to police reports filed in court, the teen told officers Dixon beat her with extension cords, coat hangers and a tire jack, and raped her.

She said Dixon took her for a drive to an auto parts store on Rosedale Highway three days after her abduction, the reports say. He told her to wait in the car while he went inside, she said, but she ran to a nearby restaurant and called police.

Officers tracked Dixon to his father’s residence in the 2500 block of Alder Street, the reports say. As police took him into custody, they found a 16-year-old girl who had been in a bedroom with Dixon and who told officers she was pregnant and Dixon was the father.

Humphrey filed a sentencing statement in support of the plea disposition that noted numerous discrepancies in the story of the girl who alleged she was abducted.

The teen claimed she was locked in the bedroom, but the statement says that is “provably false” as there is no way to lock a person inside that room. A person who is inside can latch a door to keep people out, but cannot be locked in, according to the statement.

The teen made contradictory statements about where she had spent several nights that preceded the assault, according to the sentencing statement. She admitted to her mother that she lied when she told officers Dixon had slashed her with a box cutter.

An ex-boyfriend of the teen told investigators the girl was lying when she claimed she spent the week before the assault with him, according to the statement. The ex-boyfriend said it would have been impossible for her to be with him as he was in custody at Juvenile Hall at the time.

Numerous other inconsistencies in the teen’s statement are included in the sentencing statement, with Humphrey concluding by asking the plea disposition to stand as “the government has problems of proof based upon the above evidence.”

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