La Costa Mariscos retains its homemade charm, even as its square footage has grown.

La Costa Mariscos announced on their Facebook page Wednesday that it will temporarily be closing its location at the Ice House but their Riverwalk location at 10100 Stockdale Highway will remain open for dining and takeout.

“Thank you to all who continue to support us. Keep shopping small. Families are depending on it. Stay safe and wash your hands,” the restaurant’s Facebook post said.

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Shame on EVERY eatery still open. YIU are promoting virus spread you greedy ignorant operators. YIU are directly encouraging “gatherings “ of folks. THAT is a proven recipe for DEATH. I hope the owner/owners are on site walking around RISKING their own lives. The workers. The customers are SPREADING the virus u idiots!!They “don’t feel sick” but don’t have to have symptoms to spread virus. So they all connect. Spread. Go home and infect their parents and grandparents and NOW fully HALF the hospitalized are UNDER 40 years old.

So u are not escaping the pain. The death. YOU ALL should go home and STAY there


Seriously, you need to get help. Also, stop spreading false news. According to the CDC as of 3/18, 20% of those that were hospitalized were 20-44 years old. Not half. Talk crazy but stop making stuff up. People are already stressed and don’t need to be fooled by your trumpish dialogue.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Veritas you know you're wasting your time with Knownothingatall...

Something happened to him because his posts, which used to actually be interesting, if not completely wrong, were palatable.

Over the past month or so, he's gone completely off the rails- I actually feel sorry for him...

Gene Pool Chlorinator


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