The Kern County Sheriff’s Office seized 11,395 marijuana plants during a property search on Wildwood Road south of Highway 46.

The department said it served search warrants at five separate locations in the area and found several marijuana plants growing on a 78-acre property. In addition, the department found two shotguns and two rifles.

Jose Luis Maranjo Soto, 36, and 52-year-old Marcelo Flores were arrested and booked into the Kern County Jail on suspicion of maintaining a residence to sell narcotic and cultivation of marijuana.

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So they found a few guns and some plants but they added a bogus narcotics charge to make it look better


Hemp is OK, marijuana we do not need.


Maybe you don't need it, thousands of Chemo patients, AIDS victims and chronically in pain people who don't want to use opiates do. Alcohol is not needed.

Muhammad Fatwa al Jihad

This report is vague. Sheriffs seized marijuana plants. The picture shows guns as well. The article says narcotic. Marijuana at the state level is legal, no longer a schedule 1drug. What is the narcotic?

She Dee

Nothing vague in my eyes. But then I have an understanding of the Federal Laws as well as the local & state laws. These people were not just growing a few plants for themselves. They were growing mass quantities. This is where they went wrong....then those guns didn't help & I'm certain the ugly black tarps were an attempt to conceal their illegal & unlicensed crop. Perhaps they also had some stuff for processing the marijuana into honey oil. It's all listed as a narcotic matter how you spin it.

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