A Kern County Sheriff's Office deputy was stabbed early Sunday morning when responding to a suspicious circumstances call in northwest Bakersfield, KCSO reported.

It happened at about 3:19 a.m. in the 8000 block of Goesling Avenue, where a person said a family member at the residence had a knife, a sheriff's news release said.

"The suspect then quickly charged toward the deputy, stabbing him with a knife. That is when the solo deputy on scene was involved in an officer-involved shooting," the news release said.

The deputy, who has not been named, was taken to a hospital by ambulance with moderate injuries, KCSO reported. The suspect, who also has not been identified, was reported to be in critical condition.

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Athena Bragi

Odd that only 1 KCSO was at the scene in Bakersfield and not one of the over 400 of BPD who service the 131 square miles of Bakersfield. Leave it to only one of the KCSO that service the 8000 square miles of all Kern County to do the job. My question is for BPD. What was the delay in assisting KCSO?


If only the BOS would care enough to do something about the crisis.


They don’t care. They’ll rationalize what happened and declare the deputy made a mistake and should’ve waited for his back-up. I guess you can consider this a wake-up call to them, but it will fail to register with them as a calm before the storm. They’ve Lean Six Sigma’d the Sheriff’s Department into a crisis. One thing’s for certain, the BOS will either pony up to pay deputies adequately before tragedy strikes or they’ll pony up to pay a deputy’s family after tragedy strikes. They don’t care.



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