Former President George H.W. Bush and his young family once lived — albeit briefly — in Bakersfield.

Barbara and George H.W. Bush, who later became the nation’s 41st president, lived for from June to September 1949 in the small, white, wood-sided house at 2101 Monterey St.

The elder Bush was starting his career as a salesman for a Dresser Industries subsidiary. Dresser was a major oil industry supplier purchased by Halliburton in 1998. Mrs. Bush was pregnant.

“George was selling oilfield tools and equipment out of the back of a Studebaker,” Republican political consultant Mark Abernathy told The Californian when he bought the house in 2000 with plans to turn it into a museum.

It was just a three-month stint in paradise: summer in Bakersfield with no air conditioning.

Hmmm. Can’t imagine why they didn’t stay.