A Frontier High School science teacher was placed on leave on Jan. 28 after students discovered pornographic videos featuring her online, according to multiple sources. Several students discovered the videos featuring Emily Salazar last week and began spreading the news on social media, sources said.

Former Frontier High teacher Emily Salazar agreed to resign her position in exchange for back pay in a settlement agreement with the Kern High School District.

According to the agreement, Salazar agreed to drop any current or future claims against the district and waive any rights to challenging the resignation. Such claims would include things like privacy violation, breach of contract and wrongful termination.

In addition, Salazar, 36, had to agree to having “no future business relationship” with KHSD and cannot apply for employment in the district.

Salazar still has a valid teaching credential, according to the state Commission on Teaching Credentialing. 

In exchange for those promises, the district agreed it would pay Salazar administrative leave through her resignation date of April 30 as well as back pay for 42 hours of work, according to the agreement.

Twelve of those hours were for working an extended day during the Academic Decathlon in January as well as 30 hours for working as a substitute for another teacher during the 2018-19 school year.

No additional money was provided through the settlement, the district said. The settlement agreement didn’t include a monetary amount for this payment.  

Salazar was placed on leave on Jan. 28 after students discovered pornographic online videos in January that she was featured in. No students were involved in the videos.

She was not arrested and no charges were filed against her, according to the Bakersfield Police Department.

Salazar had been a teacher at Frontier starting in 2010 and was employed with the district for around 10 years.

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I'm sure Robert Price can somehow connect this event to the Lords of Bakersfield.... maybe he can call it the "Lords and Ladies of Bakersfield"....let's extend that conspiracy mindset....


Her teaching certificate is unaffected . . . and . . .
Ordinarily, Teachers do not pay FICA (Social Security), so many have part-time "civilian jobs" to qualify for both CA (CALSTRS) and Fed (SocSec) benefits.
Teachers who retire earlier can receive reduced retirement benefits. To be eligible, you must be 55 or older with five or more service years, or younger than 50 with 30 years of service.
In People vs Freeman of 1988, the California Supreme Court stated that adult film production was to be protected as free speech under the First Amendment.
BTW, this has nothing . . . repeat nothing . . . to do with the Catholic Church, Christians or any other 'faith' . . . only the law . . . & . . . $$$.
The End----
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ (exit music)


I have been to her website and the videos there aren’t pornographic in my opinion. Yes she does take her clothes off but that was all! Her only mistake was using her real name. If she had used a stage name, nobody would have been the wiser and we would still have an excellent teacher.




Lol. Her website. Check out the videos that AREN’T on her website. I’m surprised the woman can walk.


IR you got that right , Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid and self centered . My daughter had her and she said she was an amazing teacher .Bakersfield your in for a downsizing in large per portions . If you told the real truth Most would already left


Maybe she should get a job with the Catholic Church. I hear they're all about forgiving and forgetting.

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

This Lopez cat should be hired by the paper immediately


She was a good teacher who broke no law and now she is unemployed. In the mean time, Christians are rallying around an accused serial child rapist. Stay a$$-backwards, Bakersfield.


christians are self righteous hypocrites... they have poor ego strength. only god fearing people when it fits their agenda.


"Poor ego strength"? Congrats, you're now at a new level of stupid.


Take an English class, fruitcake....

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