Four Bakersfield motorists were cited during an enforcement operation for misusing disabled person parking placards, according to the DMV.

The offenders, along 102 others statewide last month, had their placards confiscated and face fines ranging from $250 to $1,000, the DMV said. 

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[angry] Idiots!
How do they KNOW it's misused? There are CARETAKERS who use them for their elderly person they take care of.


Nail those illegal parking "criminals" , but ignore the illegal alien criminals that populate Bakersfield and the rest of California.


People's and govt priorities are like a maze with no end!


In the meantime, the actual criminals are out there robbing and killing with little to no resistance. Way to crack down guys!!!

Patricia Edna

The DMV doesn’t investigate robberies and murders. They investigate DMV related issues, which this is. And for people who actually need the handicapped spaces, rampant misuse is a real problem. This type of enforcement is appreciated, even if you can’t use basic common sense to understand how it works

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