A former coach of Ridgeview High School's girls basketball team was arrested on charges of sexual assault of a minor after police said a woman accused him of engaging in a sexual relationship with her when she was 14.

Keith Lamont Cash Jr., 28, was taken into custody after the woman went to Bakersfield Police Department headquarters Friday and told police about the relationship she said occurred in 2011, police said. 

Cash was employed by the Kern High School District as a coach for Ridgeview High School and Stockdale High School from 2011 to 2017, police said. 

Anyone with information regarding this investigation or other inappropriate conduct on the part of Cash is asked to call Detective Casey Grogan at 326-3857 or the Bakersfield Police Department at 327-7111.

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Richard P

Since most cases of this type of conduct usually involves a certain race of women and young boys, they usually get probation. What type of justice will he get?


I have seen so many negative comments regarding people's opinions on this matter. There are so many reasons why victims do not report sexual assault cases and frankly this is why. Did it occur to anyone that the reason she did not report it until much later is that she would not be believed by the school administration if she had? The way the KHSD seems to operate anymore this could be highly probable.
Maybe her teammates would have ostricized her? You do not know her story. Police do not arrest based on pure aligations. The fact they made an arrest tells you the victim produced some evidence to back up her claims? Maybe he admitted to it? The fact is there are much more victims of crimes such as this that does not get reported for exactly the reasons of the public rash to judgement assuming that the victim somehow was always at fault. This is a serious case if true this man had a relationship with a child.




To respond to the previous comments regarding the time frame and the MeToo movement, I want you to know. You. Are. A.Part.Of.The.Problem. A man, who was in a position to lead young athletes had a sexual relationship with a CHILD. Your first instinct is to discredit or change the focus by asking about the timeframe or the MeToo movement. Stay focused on the topic at hand. That’s the point of the movement, women are often scared to speak up for many reasons. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Accountability is timeless. Take care, and please try to think before you type next time.


I thought about it.... You're still wrong...


I’m wrong? About stating the timeframe in which she spoke up does not take away from the fact that he’s being accused of having sexual relationship with a 14 year old? Lol alrighty then... is this something you’re trying to defend because you partake in this sort of behavior? Or you just don’t want to stick to the topic? Either way seek some professional help.


7 years ago....???


I'm as against rape as anyone, but with the latest women's movement and its slogan "me too" this will keep happening. "Me too". Is like tha latest catch phrase, " ME TOO,". Can I go? I want one!. I know common sense is not all that common, but dang!

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