Missing show dog

Japanese Chin Fierce was last seen in Bakersfield last week on her way to the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. 

A show dog set to participate in the Westminster Dog Show next month has gone missing in Bakersfield.

David Gutierrez, the owner of a 4-year-old Japanese Chin named Fierce, said the dog went missing on Jan. 7 while being transported to Ohio to meet her handler for the show. Gutierrez, who lives in Porterville, is now offering a $2,000 reward to anyone who may have picked up the dog.

Gutierrez said Fierce was traveling in a carrier with her courier. When they stopped at the Motel 6 near Olive Tree Court for her to pee, he said she ran away after getting out of her carrier. She was last sighted on Friday at the Summerhill Apartments at 6200 Victor St. 

Search dogs were brought out on Sunday to search the area but Fierce could not be located, Gutierrez said. There has been no word on her whereabouts since then. 

"I’m very hopeful still. I will not lose hope," he said. "I hope somebody sees her story and reach out to me and say 'we have your baby.'"

Fierce is a grand champion who won Best of Opposite Sex at the Japanese Chin nationals last year and is registered in the Japanese Chin Club of America.

Anyone with information on the dog’s whereabouts is urged to call the owners at 559-359-2807.

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