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Damacio Diaz Trial: The sentencing of former Bakersfield police detectives Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara drew criticism as being too lenient for men who, having sworn to uphold the law, instead stole methamphetamine and put it back on the streets, pocketing thousands of dollars.

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Former Bakersfield police officers Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara are serving prison terms for stealing methamphetamine and putting it back on the streets.

But Diaz also stole 1.9 kilograms of cocaine from the Sheriff's Office property room, Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. What he did with it is unknown.

That information wasn't publicly revealed by federal investigators last year when charges were filed against the officers, both of whom accepted plea agreements.

Youngblood said an administrative investigation is ongoing to help prevent a similar theft from happening in the future. 

He said the cocaine was checked out of the sheriff's property room in 2012 for a reverse sting, where undercover operatives present it to potential buyers then arrest them after they purchase it. Diaz and another person checked out some drugs, Youngblood said, and when it came time to put it back Diaz told the other person he'd take care of it. 

Diaz withheld the 1.9 kilos of cocaine while booking the rest of the drugs back into evidence, Youngblood said. He said the stolen coke was worth about $50,000. 

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