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A Tulare County Grand Jury decided not to indict a Delano Police Department officer on Wednesday following a June 2019 fatal use of force on a suspect.

Delano officer Michael Strand was under review for his fatal use of force on a man suspected of an assault and a shooting. The grand jury brought forth a no true bill on Wednesday.

Delano is in the process of conducting an internal administrative investigation into the incident with the assistance of an independent third-party investigator, according to the Delano Police Department. Strand remains on administrative leave pending the outcome of the administrative investigation, according to a news release from the department.

“The Delano Police Department provides extensive training to its officers in addressing and responding appropriately to critical incidents,” the department said in a news release. “All Delano Police Department officers have recently attended a critical incident articulation class, which provides officers with the most recent training and tactics to best handle quickly unfolding critical incidents.”

Strand was on scene at a Best Western hotel located north of County Line Road in Delano. According to the news release, he was helping the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office attempt to make contact with suspects believed to be involved with a prior assault and shooting. After several minutes, one of the suspects jumped out of a back window of the hotel and was shot by Strand.

The suspect was not armed, according to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.

The Delano Police Department noted that this is its only officer involved shooting in nearly three years.

The department is currently hosting a regional, multi-jurisdictional de-escalation training course that many of its officers will attend, the news release stated.

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As a citizen of the USA, I want to see the stats on how many people have been shot and killed by cops, broken down by race, for the last 5 years. Let it all out on how racist the cops are towards African-Americans in this country. C’mon LE, be truly transparent...

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