District attorney seal

The new Kern County District Attorney's office seal.

The Kern County District Attorney’s Office received a $256,000.00 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety for a special team to prosecute alcohol and drug-impaired driving cases.

This is the 10th year the DA’s office has received funding for a DUI prosecution program, according to a news release from the District Attorney's Office. Last year, the prosecution team filed about 3,500 DUI cases, 370 DUI drug cases and 114 DUI combined alcohol and drug cases. The grant program runs until Sept. 30, 2021.

“The California Office of Traffic Safety has been a vital partner with the District Attorney’s Office in reducing the injuries and loss of life caused by impaired drivers,” said District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer. “This grant allows our local prosecutors to specialize and gain expertise in DUI cases, resulting in safer streets and helping ensure that justice is provided to all those impacted by this crime.”

The funding will also be used to develop protocols for handling cases through every step of the criminal process, provide training for prosecutors and investigators through California’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program and host quarterly regional meetings with law enforcement partners to improve DUI investigations and prosecutions.