Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous, a KTLA anchor and former KGET anchor, was found dead on Thursday at the age of 43, according to KTLA.

The Los Angeles station said Burrous was found unresponsive at a Glendale hotel on Thursday afternoon. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead a short time later.

Glendale police say it is believed the death may be the result of some kind of overdose but the cause of death is still being investigated.

Burrous had been a morning news anchor at KTLA since 2011. Prior to that, he worked as an anchor at KGET in Bakersfield from 1999 to 2004, according to the station. He also worked at other stations, including KGPE in Fresno.

“Since joining the KTLA team in 2011, Chris Burrous did it all,” the station said in a Facebook post. “He wore reporter, anchor and even meteorologist hats. His talent brought smiles to our faces when he kept it light on the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News, and tears to our eyes while covering hard news.”

Burrous leaves behind a wife and a 9-year-old daughter.

KGET Anchor Tami Mlcoch said she worked with Burrous for a couple of years on the Sunrise show when he was still with the station.

“He was funny and very energetic. He brought a lot of fun to the show,” she said. “We played off each other well. You have to have a good chemistry for that to work.”

Mcloch said she and her colleagues at KGET were surprised to hear about Burrous’ death.

“We’re all still trying to process it,” he said. “It’s sad. Nobody wants to see someone’s life cut short. My heart immediately goes out to his wife and daughter.”

Mlcoch said Burrous had a passion for news and was always striving to be the first to report on breaking news.

“He would always go the extra mile to get the story that someone else couldn’t,” she said. “He just had such an excitement for getting the news out there and bringing stories to people. He cared a lot about the viewers.”

Several employees at KTLA took to social media to express their thoughts and feelings about Burrous’ death.

“I can’t thank you enough for challenging me to take risks on live TV. If I made you laugh, I knew I was doing good work,” said morning reporter Megan Telles. “Your presence is missed already, sir. Rest In Peace.”

“This is awful. Heartbreaking and horrible,” said anchor Sam Rubin. “What Chris Burrous did was connect with all of us, every day, and most especially on the weekends. He deeply loved his wife and his daughter, and all of you who watched him. A large community is in mourning tonight."

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