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A Bakersfield Police Department DUI and driver's license checkpoint conducted Saturday night into Sunday morning in the 4600 block of Stockdale Highway led to arrests, citations — and a vehicle that fled the checkpoint and crashed.

A total of 1,167 vehicles were screened from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

BPD reported that three drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, 32 drivers were cited for driving while unlicensed and 21 drivers were cited for driving with a suspended license.

Fifty-five vehicles were seized; 42 of those were impounded and 13 were released to licensed drivers, police reported.

One stolen vehicle was recovered and the driver was arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. One driver was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant.

Yet another driver failed to stop at the checkpoint, leading officers on a vehicle pursuit to Brimhall and Renfro roads, where the driver lost control of his vehicle, hit a street sign disabling the vehicle and ran away, BPD reported. He has not been found. A 16-year-old boy who was a passenger had minor injuries.

Police ask that anyone with information about the pursuit call 327-7111.

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OK, I think I have officially had it with the people commenting on this site! Explain to me, when did a local, community DUI check point become a presidential issue? Should i go back and check all the DUI check point stats from 2008 thru 2016 and call that a Obama problem? Or how about this, you people (and you know who you are) keep writing that our current Gov is the greatest and continue to thank him for keeping the current POTUS out of the state, isn't this a California problem? Shouldn't the California Gov be held responsible? Please stop with the nonsense. If you have something meaningful to say, fine. Just stop with the idiotic drivel! Get out of your basements and off CNN, please. All the worlds trouble did not start in 2017.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Dogger: That's exactly what we've been telling this Russian troll farm for a LONG time now, but as long as they keep getting their Rubles from Vladimir, they'll keep doing it.

Just try to ignore them- Dweeb and Yuckies specifically, because you can't argue with a bumper sticker. Just let them keep posting disheveled musings, realizing it really makes their side look foolish in the long run.

Nobody's buying the cr@p they are trying to so desperately to sell other than those of the same ilk. God bless their souls...

Masked 2020

that's 2 funny Jenny...what is your thought now... the progressives are Russian trolls?...your really at loss ...I know....its not easy 4 you 2 B crazyUncleDons talkingpointsBoy... you'll be frustratedby those long shadows on the ceiling before you know it...I guess its prodromal 4 your your condition


Trump's America! But he will say the drivers were all members of ANTIFA!

Masked 2020 anyone following the rules?..N..Trump's America..."32 drivers were cited for driving while unlicensed and 21 drivers were cited for driving with a suspended license." Fund the Checkpoints...Biden-Harris 2020...


Add illegal driving to Trump's list of immoral failings. When, oh when, will we have that vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome?

The new comment

Exactly Lamonster, as if asking people to get a drivers license and keep it legal is somehow a trap. Yet, these are the first people to complain when and unlicensed or uninsured driver hits them.


The master troll speaks, and once again says nothing of substance.

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