The Bakersfield Police Department responded to American Elementary on Monday after a student inadvertently brought a backpack to school containing a handgun, Rosedale Union School District said.

The student — who accidentally brought a family member’s backpack to school instead of their own — immediately gave the backpack to a teacher, the district said in a release. After calling law enforcement, BPD responded but did not advise the school to be placed on lockdown, said Merril Clanton, executive assistant to the district's superintendent.

BPD recovered the handgun and spoke to all of the parties involved, including the owner of the handgun, according to Sgt. Nathan McCauley. BPD is currently investigating if there was any child neglect or child endangerment in this case, McCauley said.

The school district notified parents and guardians of the situation electronically, according to Clanton.

“I would like to commend the school staff for making safety their number one priority and handling the situation with great care,” Rosedale Union superintendent Sue Lemon said in a statement.

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The Student and Rosedale School District are to be commended for their handling of this very delicate situation.


The kid first noticed his hand grenade was missing...then realized he had his little brothers backpack. Kids do the durndest things.


do folks really pack their handguns in their backpacks.....and then go off and start their day?.. times really have changed.....

All Star

They just might, depending on their circumstances. There could be numerous reasons for doing so. But hey, you are the expert.

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