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The Bakersfield Police Department arrested one person and cited 32 others as part of a DUI/Driver’s License checkpoint on Tuesday.

The department said the checkpoint was conducted in the 1900 block of Ming Ave. between 6 p.m. and midnight. One person was arrested for driving under the influence while 22 were cited for driving without a license. Another 10 were cited for driving with a suspended license.

In total, BPD said 817 vehicles were screened.

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Satelaw I got a headache trying to read your post. I think what you are trying to say it is ok to drive "high" but I would argue it should be illegal to post "stoned". Thanks for a glaring example of what drugs do to the mind.


Not at all.


Never should be.


Also huge mistake on your medical marijuana position BOS. Horrible. If you dont know its not going anywhere what so ever. Rethink your 1940s attitude bring it up to date please. some people it helps may not be them. but i know for a fact it does work on those who rather use that than PILLS and be in constant pain and suffering...Sad County...weak sentences for cops that sell drugs and commit crimes ect for 20 years


makes it look alot better with the headline cites 32 ....thats normal arrest one normal....or maybe a few out of thousands waste of our money on a TUESDAY.! Leo's here need some real training on laws and policy not the same. Also illegal use of lidar waving as cars go buy in the mulch.The rookie night cops and under westside parkway bridges with lidar guns.Someone save bakersfield from this horrible policing

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