Community members will now have a little less time to speak at Bakersfield City School District board meetings.

The board voted unanimously during its Tuesday board meeting to approve revisions to the district’s policies on meeting conduct that reduces the time for an individual to speak from five minutes to three minutes during the public comment period.

In addition, the board voted to allow the president to revoke speaking privileges for conduct that is disruptive or threatens the safety of anyone at a meeting as well as increase or decrease the time allowed for public comment depending on the topic and the number of people wishing to be heard.

Another revision approved by the board prohibits speakers from giving part of their allotted time to another speaker.

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As with any job that didn't pay the wage I liked I just got a better job. Teachers pay is very good, take into consideration benefits, days off, retirement. 2% is more than enough. Education would be better if it was all private schools and the taxpayers would save $$$.


Iffen y'all cain't get'er done in 3 . . . ya cain't do 'er in 5 . . .
Brown Act--SECTION 1. Sec 54954.3 (b) (1) The legislative body of a local agency may adopt reasonable regulations to ensure that the intent of subdivision (a) is carried out, including, but not limited to, regulations limiting the total amount of time allocated for public testimony on particular issues and for each individual speaker.
Th, th, th, th, that's all, Folks . . .!


They need to do this otherwise you allow idiots to ramble on about everything in society. If they didn’t do it you would have idiots speaking about nothing that has to deal with there issue. To many uneducated liberals speak nothing but trash because they feel they have the right to.


Well, Bakersfield, we have become Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, or any county along the “Left Coast” that is a stronghold for fascist, leftist ideologies. Now our own school board has reduced our already diminished input into their unilateral, socialist/fascist, tax & spend policies. Enjoy what little education your children are currently receiving because you’re about to see education become completely unimportant to the school system; somewhere after reporting on your parent’s activities, social justice engineering & indoctrination and diversity shaming, but before telling them outright how to vote or conform to democrat social protocols. Get out of California while you can!

Ray Riley

Is the biard trying to censor the public bye imposing these restrictions?

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