A Bakersfield Christian High School bus filled with 20 students was involved in a crash on Wednesday morning but no one was seriously injured.

The California Highway Patrol said officers were sent out to Stockdale Highway near Buena Vista Road at around 8 a.m. after getting a report of a crash in the area.

When officers arrived, they learned that the driver was heading westbound on Stockdale when she lost control of the vehicle, veered across the center divider, entered the eastbound lanes and struck a light pole.

“We’re very grateful, first of all, that...no one was seriously injured in this incident,” CHP Officer Robert Rodriguez said. “We’re Grateful nobody was travelling on the eastbound lanes during the time the bus crossed over, otherwise this would have been a different story.”

Rodriguez said two students complained of pain but weren’t transported to a hospital.

The roadway was wet at the time of the crash, but the department is not sure if it was a factor in the accident, Rodriguez said. The department may conduct a vehicle inspection to make sure the brakes are working properly.

The department didn’t say whether the driver was at fault for the accident. The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing.

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I am a school bus driver as well. I know that portion of the road very well. From Gosford going westbound, and (as far as I’ve driven) from Jewetta eastbound, that road is a dangerous menace in the rain. As a commercial driver of 15 years, I can tell the difference immediately. Some say it’s ‘hydroplaning’ but the asphalt may have no puddles of water but feels like an oiled down slip and slide. I know of another driver who previously had trouble in this particular area.

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