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The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has granted the Bakersfield Police Department $97,873 to be used over a one-year period beginning July 1, according to BPD.

The department's Vice Unit will utilize funds from the grant to implement an alcohol enforcement team to help prevent underage-related alcohol violations, according to BPD’s grant form. The team will consist of one sergeant and four detectives from BPD.

During the grant’s year-long term, the unit will conduct a minimum of the following operations:

• 10 minor decoy operations.

• 10 “shoulder tap” operations — utilizing a minor to solicit strangers to buy alcohol for them, according to Sgt. Nathan McCauley.

• 15 undercover operations at licensed establishments.

• Five public park operations for alcohol violations.

• Two DUI enforcement operations.

• Five IMPACT/Retail Operating Standards Task Force/ABC licensee education operations.

• Coordinate quarterly training for the Alcohol Enforcement Team with ABC investigators.

• Two educational seminars for ABC licensees and their employees.

• Inform citizens about the project and updates through at least 10 press releases and on BPD’s website and social media platforms.

• Provide roll call training to BPD officers regarding ABC laws, and provide training of ABC laws in BPD academy.

“These are things that we already have been doing before the grant, but this allows us to have additional funds to do more,” McCauley said.

Additionally, BPD’s Vice Unit will conduct six operations outside of the grant's funding, costing a total of $15,953.

BPD identified a 10 block area downtown — known as Census Tract 16 — and the Union Avenue corridor as being brought to their attention from citizen complaints and calls for service for crimes being committed, including underage drinking, public intoxication and DUI.

The Ridgecrest Police Department was also a grant recipient but didn't return a request for comment Wednesday.

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