The family of Jose Arredondo is refuting comments made recently by the attorney representing the main suspect in the death of the former Bakersfield businessman.

“It’s important to let the investigation continue until its end, and not circulate rumors,” read one part of a statement issued Friday by local law firm Chain Cohn Stiles on behalf of Laura Elena Arredondo, Jose’s wife, and Marielena Arredondo, his daughter. “The truth will be known soon enough.”

Earlier this week, Jose Gaspar reported in The Californian that Arredondo was tortured before he was killed. He also quoted Jaime Tacher, the attorney for Roberto Gonzalez, a longtime friend of Arredondo, as saying someone had planted evidence to make it look like Gonzalez committed the crime and that Gonzalez was being scapegoated by a corrupt Mexican government.

The full statement from the Arredondos said the following:

“The investigation into Jose’s death is ongoing, and is still in its early stages. Authorities in Mexico are working around the clock to bring justice to our family. At this time they are not releasing details to the public, just as authorities in the United States would treat a similar investigation.

“We understand that details included in recent media reports are inaccurate, and are actually gossip, hearsay, and speculation. Additionally, it’s important to note that much of the information included in reports is being communicated from a criminal defense attorney for the leading suspect in Jose’s murder, who is actually attempting to try his case through the media. It’s important to let the investigation continue until its end, and not circulate rumors. The truth will be known soon enough.

“As you can imagine, this has been an emotional time for my family, after losing a beloved husband and father. We appreciate our entire community’s unrelenting support, and would appreciate respect for our privacy as the investigation continues.”

Jose Arredondo, 60, was killed July 16 in Cabo San Lucas.

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Of coarse they are going to dispute it. They are going to deny his cartel roots and backing to the very end. Not a fan of Jose Gaspar but the truth will be impeded because Mexico is so corrupt and the family will try to rose color everything.


If you rely on the media for truth you will never know it...

Tony Tee

Two Pinocchios for Jose Gaspar.

Journalism can never be silent. So it is with Jose Gaspar. He had to add his Pinocchios to a developing story. He had to get the story out before someone else steals it from him. Shame on him!

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