Monsignor Craig Harrison

Monsignor Craig Harrison

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno is in the process of compiling a list of priests credibly accused of sex abuse, but an advocacy group is getting out ahead of the organization.

Prior to a news conference this morning, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests released a list of 23 clergy including Monsignor Craig Harrison. The list includes those who have worked in the Fresno Diocese and who they allege has had credible accusations of sex abuse lodged against them. One name was later removed.

In recent weeks, SNAP said they have been contacted by five people who have claimed they were sexually abused by Harrison over the course of his career.

After the first allegation was made to the Fresno Diocese on April 12, Harrison was placed on administrative leave and is currently staying at the coast.

Here is the full list of names provided by SNAP:

Fr. William Allison; Fr. Gaspar Bautista; Fr. Brian Bjorklund; Fr. John Bradley; Fr. Tod Brown; Fr. Stuart Campbell; Fr. Hermy Ceniza; Fr. James Collins; Fr. Basil Congro; Fr Donald Farmer; Fr. Don Flickinger; Fr. Miguel Flores; Fr. Benjamin Gabriel; Fr. Robert Gamel; Fr. Louis Garcia; Fr. Craig Harrison; Fr. Anthony Herdegen; Fr. John Lastiri; Fr. Vincent O' Connell; Fr. Joseph Pacheco; Fr. Thomas Purcell; Fr. Eric Swearingen.

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I have defended and still defend Fr. Anthony Herdegen. He was a saintly Priest falsely accused. They have a recording of Fr. Herdegen apologizing for the abuse of two brothers. These two wanted 20 million dollars. The Brothers and their lawyers played an evil trick. They knew Fr. Herdegen had a major heart attack in 1999, a major stroke in 2001, a second major stroke in 2002. Then in 2003 when they knew Fr. Herdegen no longer had all his faculties. The Brothers and Lawyers convinced him by phone that he molested them and in confusion Fr. Herdegen apologized for molesting them. This was an evil trick, the greatest evil came from the Fresno Diocese. They were watching their own coffers. They hated Fr. Herdegen to begin with because he held to the traditional teachings of the Church and as much as they tried, they could not force him into heresy. Had they brought in Fr. Herdegens medical records, the trick would have been exposed. And the two Brothers and their Lawyers in prison for extortion.


One accused is 1 too many, but it would be helpful to know how many clergy have served in this same period. this would allow us to have some perspective on how big a number 22 is in relation to the overall number.


The Catholic church initiated clerical celibacy practices that contradicted the biblical teaching. Catholic church might have to change the celibate laws. We are under the grace & not under the ritualistic law. The Catholic institution should stop fear mongering & divide the word, rightly.


Thank The Good Lord I don't have to pay $1 (or whatever) an issue for the Bako Californican ., . !
R*C*D*O*F vs S*N*A*P . . . day in . . . day out . . .
"Who's on First . . . What's . . . "


That just makes you cheap, and criticizing a publication you are reading and commenting on every day. If you don't like the paper, do yourself a favor.............move on.

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