The Kern County Department of Public Health Services Department reported 20 flu-related deaths in Kern County during the 2019-20 flu season, according to the California Department of Public Health.

Two of Kern's deaths were children, according Michelle Corson, spokeswoman for the county health department.

The flu season runs from July 1, 2019, to June 30, according to Corson.

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According to Kern County Public Health the previous highest number of flu related deaths in the past seven years was 11 in 2013-2014. Yet even with vaccines and during all the social distancing and the shutting down of nearly everything, we are up to 20 this year. That seems to indicate that either (1) even after vaccines and better treatments are developed there will be hospitalizations and deaths or (2) this years strain of flu, without benefit of vaccine, is probably as bad or worse than Covid 19 or (3) social distancing and all the rest make little difference.

Independent Voter

COVID has claimed just FIVE more deaths than the flu here in Kern County? Seriously? And we know that HALF of the COVID deaths are from nursing home outbreaks. Are you kidding me? OUTRAGEOUS.


See this is what's so stupid about that argument. The reason there have only BEEN 25 deaths is because we as a State were the first to shut down. That quick action is the REASON we are doing ok. It's just never going to penetrate the grey matter is it?

We dont shut down during the flu, there are treatments and a vaccine.

If we had not shut down fast, we could EASILY have become New York in SoCal.

How many people died in NY?

Oh, btw, the South is exploding with cases due to reopening too fast. Alabama is toast. NC, Floroda, Texas watch out!


Reported US coronavirus deaths:

80 days ago: 6 deaths

70 days ago: 41 deaths

60 days ago: 413 deaths

50 days ago: 4,780 deaths

40 days ago: 20,604 deaths

30 days ago: 45,039 deaths

20 days ago: 64,943 deaths

10 days ago: 80,397 deaths

Right now: 94,702 deaths

Independent Voter

So? People die every day. Add COVID to the list, in good company with cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, influenza. It is your right to hide under a rock. If you are over 65 and have an underlying condition, I urge you to take protective measures. That's called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If necessary, I will also exercise it and take precautions. But this has been overblown, over-hyped and overplayed. Sorry, Dweeb. It seems even The Guv has left you behind.


And so nature takes care of her own. Though we get through round the next may take care of all mankind.


Moredumb, your lack of knowledge and political blindness is truly breathtaking. When you don't have the mental capabilities to understand and articulate the nuances of a dispute you just cherry pick your information or blame President Trump. But, I digress. Your "first to shut down argument" isn't valid. CA shut down 3/19/20 and has 3.5K deaths from COVID 19, New York shut down 3/22/20 and has 23K deaths, Texas shut down 4/2/20 has 1.4 K deaths and Florida 4/3/20 with 2 K deaths. Now CA is the most populous state followed by Texas, Florida and New York. Do you see a trend? The most deaths are from blue states, could have to do with the state leadership.

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