Brayden Eidenshink, a 10-year-old Bakersfield boy who underwent a heart transplant on Oct. 11, died Wednesday evening.

He had been battling complications of the transplant for several weeks.

"I never thought I would have to say this but Brayden is in heaven," read a message posted early Thursday on a Facebook page maintained by Brayden's mother, Brenda. He passed away at 7:17 p.m. the message said.

Wednesday had been declared Fight Like Brayden Day by his family and members of their large support community were encouraged to wear red in honor of Brayden, switch their porch light to red and donate blood to the Houchin Blood Bank. Brayden had been on life support as he adjusted to his new heart but in the past couple days the family reported that he suffered some bleeding and developed a blood clot in his lung.

Brayden and his parents have been staying in Palo Alto while Brayden waited for a heart transplant.

Just days after Brayden was born, according to the Facebook page, he stopped eating and started to turn blue. Doctors discovered a defect in his aorta that was restricting blood flow to his body. Since then he has undergone many surgeries and was eventually placed on a list for a donor heart.

Brayden was a student at Buena Vista Elementary School and his father, Scott, is a Kern County Sheriff's deputy. Both the school and sheriff's department supported Brayden's fight along with many others in the community, including Houchin Blood Bank, the Kern County Raceway Park and local racers.

In addition to his parents, Brayden leaves behind a 19-year-old sister and 5-year-old brother. 

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So tore up over this - :( there are no words. Just know that a lot of us who never even met Brayden were pulling for him and for the whole family. As a parent I have no concept of what you are going through. Hugs and love and tears from our family to yours.

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