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Studio Movie Grill on Calloway Drive in Bakersfield.

Studio Movie Grill was evacuated Thursday night after an off-duty Bakersfield police officer was found asleep with a loaded gun in his lap in an empty theater.

The man, identified as Douglas Barrier, 29, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, according to Bakersfield Police Department.

Studio Movie Grill, which opened in April 2018, allows moviegoers to order food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks, while watching a movie. The venue also has a bar in its lobby. 

BPD Sgt. Nathan McCauley confirmed Friday the gun was Barrier's service weapon. Police department policy does not allow firearms to be carried by any officer, on or off duty, who has consumed alcohol or taken drugs or medication that adversely impacts their judgment, McCauley said.

"Our department does in general encourage officers to wear a weapon off duty where applicable and appropriate but the expectation is that they do it in a safe, professional way," McCauley said.

A manager at Studio Movie Grill Friday afternoon declined to comment.

BPD responded to a report of a man sleeping with a gun in his lap in an empty theater around 11:16 p.m. Police evacuated the business along Calloway Drive in northwest Bakersfield before approaching the man, a BPD news release said. 

Officers determined Barrier was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. No blood alcohol test was performed, McCauley said. That sort of testing is not normally done for public intoxication, he said.

Barrier was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Police ask that anyone with information about this case call BPD at 327-7111.

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What is this Tombstone? You're not Wyatt Earp, dude. You're tired, drunk, or both? Take your gun, Go home and get some sleep...


what was he thinking?.... I mean really........its good thing he fell asleep


Why is this news? Police officers carry guns, and — sometimes drink alcohol and fall asleep. Evacuating the theatre? Much worse are physically abusive sober and dishonest persons carrying guns.


Is that a serious question? The moron had the gun on his LAP. Loaded. On his lap. In a theater. With people. What if some kid walked by and grabbed it?

Fram Smith

This BPD officer did something that most people do in life ; he made a terrible mistake. Maybe someone can do a short lesson on the old lockbox bolted inside the trunk trick , to keep the gun safe while drinking . It's old school , but had this cop had one to put his firearm in , he wouldn't be in the newspaper today. Will he be fired over what could be thought of as three mistakes , I really hope not. Repraman him and make him get additional training ; desk duty for some period of time maybe in order . No one can say that he left his gun on the table in a threatening manner ; there was no malace of forethought . But he made three very stupid mistakes . He made his first mistake by having his weapon with him while drinking . The next mistake was taking his weapon out where others could see it . And most importantly , the biggest mistake he made was falling asleep. We have a cop shortage because no one wants to be hated and shot at for living ; we can ill afford to lose cops for stupid mistakes like this. But better training and better judgement needs to be the order of the day.

Mike Hunt

Gen pop . No pension. Fired .

All Star

Public intoxication usually results in no formal criminal charges, against anyone. It's called a detox detention only. No pension? You obviously have no clue how the PERS retirement works. And he won't be fired for this. Way to post an ignorant comment.


Carrying a loaded firearm alone is a crime in itself

All Star

It is? So a police officer has to carry their gun unloaded?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

I assume you mean doing so while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If not, you might want to change your handle because you don't know much about the law...


under the influence with a gun Illegal.cop or not


sorry left out the word Drunk


Public intoxication with a Glock on your lap in a theatre you mean. Pensions not on the line, but job may be. Personally I don't want somebody that stupid and irresponsible being a cop, but that's just me.


Nobody's Perfect !


to be a drunk cop with a gun in public on your lap ..not so perfect before going in and start drinking with a gun and in your



while DRUNK

Take action Now

NOT GULITy! Oops ,we didn’t do a blood/alcohol test. He was just really tired and exhausted from catching all the criminals in our community and our legal system letting them go. Any little old ladies still living in your neighborhood???

She Dee

Then again, what if he was there to do himself in & the alcohol helped to save his life? The mind can think up many scenarios for this story.


Looks like we found our next Chief of Police....

Gary Crabtree

He will plead PTSD - After all who else in their right mind would want to be a cop in today's society.


Police work is high character employment and an honorable profession. It’s not as if this officer is out trying to make a living speculating on the value of real estate or something. Lol. We ALL know that the market was proved whacked out of its collective mind with the catastrophic demise of the market in 2008. Glass houses n stones. Sumo I’ like dat.

She Dee



to carry a gun under the influence is another crime not to mention a few more.What if the gun was grabbed by a kid or someone or he grabbed it drunk and discharged in there...Slap on the wrist ..Im sure its Kern =(

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