Enrique Mosqueda

Former Bakersfield Police Department Officer Enrique Mosqueda

A Bakersfield police officer made inappropriate comments and allegedly sent a sexually explicit photo to a woman he met last year while on duty, according to a BPD investigation.

He later resigned from the police department, records show.

Last year, a woman contacted the department saying that Officer Enrique Mosqueda had sent sexually explicit messages and made inappropriate comments to her after they met last October when he responded to a call for service, according to BPD records.

The department said that on Oct. 13, the woman contacted BPD via a 911 text. The Californian does not identify alleged victims of sexually related crimes. She told police that she had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and that she thought he was outside her residence tampering with her vehicle.

Mosqueda and another male officer responded to the call but found no evidence of a crime, according to police records. At one point, when she told the officers that she has five kids, the woman claimed that Mosqueda told her “you look good for a woman who has five kids.”

Later that day, the woman said Mosqueda texted her asking for a photo of her ex-boyfriend. He said he saw a man in the area who could have been him. She asked Mosqueda to send a picture of himself to make sure it wasn’t her ex-boyfriend who was contacting her.

Mosqueda allegedly declined to send a picture via text but said he could come back to her house to show her a picture. The woman agreed and said Mosqueda went back to the residence, according to police records.

The woman told police that Mosqueda asked if she had any nude pictures and subsequently asked her to lift up her sweater so he could take a photo and get a “sneak peek.” The woman told police that she said “Right now? You want me to do that here?” according to police records.

The woman refused, saying her kids were there and that it was probably against the law, after which Mosqueda left the residence, police records show.

After he left, the woman told police he sent her inappropriate text messages, such as asking if she wanted to see his penis. She said Mosqueda subsequently sent her a photo of his genitals.

BPD first learned about the messages when two female officers had followed up with the woman later on Oct. 13 to ask her more questions about her ex-boyfriend and the restraining order.

The woman handed her phone to the officers to show them the text messages that Mosqueda had been sending her. They then notified their supervisor, after which an investigation began, according to police records.

When asked by investigators whether she had been intentionally flirting with Mosqueda, the woman said she was not, according to BPD records. However, the text messages tell a different story.

After Mosqueda allegedly asked her to lift up her sweater, he sent her a text saying “Dont be shy,” after which she wrote “I won't be ... but you dont be either .... and I'm waiting?? LOL.”

When asked by Mosqueda what she wants to see, she replied “What your all about??” Mosqueda asked her if she wanted to see his penis, after which she wrote “Hmmmm be about it???” according to police records.

When the female officers saw the texts, one of them asked why she was flirting with Mosqueda. The woman told her she was trying to get evidence of Mosqueda’s behavior to give to the police.

Officer Brent Moore, who responded to the initial call for service on Oct. 13 with Mosqueda, said the woman was intentionally flirting with them. He said she was wearing “very short shorts” and that she was “flexing her buttocks” at them, records show.

Mosqueda told investigators that the woman showed him nude and revealing photos of herself first and that there was a mutual flirtation.

He denied asking the woman to expose herself. However, he admitted that he did send a photo of his penis to her, as he said he believed she wanted to see it, according to police records.

Mosqueda said he deleted the picture minutes after he sent it, telling investigators it “was a stupid mistake of mine. I made a stupid choice.”

A lawyer with Rodriguez & Associates, which is representing the victim, said they have filed a claim against Mosqueda and the city. A claim is filed prior to a formal lawsuit. That could happen in early May. 

Mosqueda resigned from the police department on Jan. 31. He could not immediately be located for comment.

Joseph Luiz can be reached at 395-7368 or by email at jluiz@bakersfield.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @JLuiz_TBC. 

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Once again a bad cop makes a horrible comment and the Department claims she was part of the problem. NO! If this story is accurate, Your officer and your department broke community trust. Claiming anything else shows your ineptitude. The City’s system of only promoting from within has created an inbred system rife with liability and lack of community trust. When will this all end and taxpayers be absolved from their misdeeds and continuing payouts? I’m tired of lining Attorney’s pockets from City mismanagement!


This many "bad apples" spoils the entire barrel.

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