A Snapchat photo a local high school student allegedly posted appears to show a firearm with the caption "dont go to school tmr."

A local high schooler was arrested Tuesday morning after Bakersfield Police discovered the student allegedly posted a threat against the Kern High School District on social media. 

BPD became aware of the social media post on the app Snapchat after receiving a tip from the FBI, according to a BPD Facebook video posted Tuesday night. In the Snapchat post, the student took a photo of what appears to be a firearm and included the caption "dont go to school tmr." After the photo was posted, Snapchat notified the FBI.

BPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Nathan McCauley said in the Facebook video officers conducted an investigation, identified the student based on their Snapchat profile and arrested a 15-year-old male on suspicion of criminal threats against KHSD. 

The video did not specify the student's name, age or school or what school could have been potentially been targeted.

"Threats of shooting at schools are taken very seriously," McCauley said in the video. "These threats will be investigated, and when appropriate, people will be arrested."

McCauley encourages the public to notify law enforcement if they see any type of similar threats.

Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.

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Officials won't even tell teachers which school. To be extra vigilant or take counter measures.


When punks do this, put their pics on the articles. This is one sick kid. Something has to be done. Glad the FBI were notified.


THAT is the motivation: attention. The spotlight on their nothing lives and ambitions.

If the media did NOT release names or pics of shooters the shootings would STOP. Very simple.

But media wants eyeballs on their pages/sites. It is that simple. Yes. That simple. Don’t give them the satisfaction these sick puppies seek. Or continue being greedy. Need a bold, smart public servant to write a law that orders media not to release creep info or pics. Just as there is a law that precludes criminals to benefit monetarily on their crimes via books or movies. Simple. But media has huge lobby n will cry Free Speech as innocents continue being slaughtered. Have you no shame?? Ever heard of Sandy Hook? If that won’t get media to set greed aside—nothing will.

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