Tatyana Hargrove, a 19-year-old girl, alleges in a now-viral video that she was mistaken for a 170 pound man suspected of making criminal threats. Police arrested her and deployed a K9 unit to attack her. 

A black 19-year-old woman was punched in the mouth by an officer, bitten by a police K9 and arrested last month after an officer said he mistook her for a 180-pound bald man suspected of threatening people with a machete at a nearby grocery store.

Tatyana Hargrove’s story has been gaining attention this week after the NAACP's Bakersfield chapter released a Facebook video Monday morning recapping the incident, which it said was racially motivated.

It comes about six months after the group released a similar video alleging two black college students were roughed up similarly by Bakersfield Police Department officers without cause.

In the most recent video, Hargrove alleges that on June 18 she was walking home from Wooden Nickel Trading Company on Ming Avenue, where she had gone for a Father’s Day gift, when she was approached by an officer. He drew his gun as soon as he got out of his patrol car, she claims.

The result of the contact? An altercation that left Hargrove with scrapes, bruises, a punch to the mouth from one officer and a bite from a K9 released by another. During the course of her arrest, Hargrove said she feared for her life.

“He [the officer] put his other knee on my head, and I told him, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’ and I started yelling out: 'Somebody help me, somebody help me, they’re going to kill me,’” Hargrove said in the video, which received more than 225,000 views in eight hours and attracted hundreds of comments expressing frustration and anger.

She declined to speak to The Californian through NAACP Bakersfield chapter President Patrick Jackson, who spoke on her behalf.

She was arrested on suspicion of resisting or delaying an officer and aggravated assault on an officer, according to BPD arrest records.

The NAACP says Hargrove was targeted for her race. BPD says it was a case of mistaken identity.

BPD Sgt. Ryan Kroeker wouldn’t comment on specific matters in the police report, but said that criminal charges have been filed against Hargrove and the case has been forwarded to the Kern County District Attorney’s office for review. The department has determined the force used was appropriate, and no internal investigation has been launched, Kroeker added.


The arresting officer, Christopher Moore, said in a police report obtained by The Californian that he didn’t know Hargrove was a woman until after she was handcuffed.

He mistook her for a machete-wielding suspect who had come out of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on Ming and Ashe avenues after threatening several people, according to the report.

That man, who police identified as Douglas Washington before arresting him the next day, was described in multiple police reports from June 18 as a 25- to 30-year-old man, bald, about 170 pounds standing at 5 feet 10 inches. He was wearing a white t-shirt, dark jeans and a pink or red backpack that contained the machete.

When Moore found Hargrove behind the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, the 115-pound teen, who stands 5 feet 2 inches, was wearing a baggy white shirt, blue jean shorts and a black hat. She was straddling a bicycle, a red and black backpack slung over her shoulder. In it were three cold water bottles, Hargrove said in her video. She had pulled over in the shade for a drink.

“She appeared to be a male and matched the description of the suspect that had brandished the machete and was also within the same complex the suspect had fled to,” Moore wrote in his report. He thought she had a weapon in her bag.

Moore, who patrols with a K9, pulled over, drew his sidearm and ordered Hargrove to put her hands in the air, according to the report.

Hargrove turned around and said: “What you all stopping another black person for. I’m out of here,” according to Moore’s report.

Jackson denied Hargrove ever spoke those words and disputes other parts of Moore’s report. The incident escalated when Moore asked to search Hargrove’s backpack, she said in the video. When she asked if he had a warrant, she claims, he gestured toward his K9 and then released the dog.

None of that is mentioned in the police report.

Instead, Moore wrote that Hargrove ignored police commands, placed her feet on her bike pedals and that it “appeared she was going to flee.”

It was around then that Officer G. Vasquez arrived. Moore told Hargrove she matched the description of a man who had just threatened people with a machete, and he ordered her again to get off her bike and put her hands up.

Hargrove’s response, according to Moore: “This isn’t happening. I’m leaving.”

The report doesn’t indicate that at any time Hargrove fled.

Moore retrieved his K9, Hamer. Moments later, Vasquez was handcuffing her when she spun her left shoulder into him, according to the report.

He was knocked off balance and fell to the ground, his legs tangled in the bicycle. Hargrove fell backward on top of him, then spun around into "a mounting position” astride the officer. Vasquez punched her in the mouth then pushed her off, but she got back on top, the report states.

Seeing that Hargrove was within arm’s reach of her backpack, which Moore still suspected contained a machete, he released his dog, his report states. She tried fighting him off, grabbing his muzzle.

“Let go of my dog,” Moore shouted. She thrashed back and forth, screamed obscenities and kicked at the officers as they subdued her, the report states.

Officers searched her and the backpack but found no weapons, according to the report.

Once Hargrove was in the backseat of the patrol car, Moore asked her name. “Tatyana,” she said.

“Don’t lie to me, that’s a girl’s name. What is your name?” Moore asked.

“I’m a girl, I just don’t dress like one,” she responded.

“This was when I first discovered she was a female,” Moore wrote in his report.

He wrote that when he brought Hargrove to Kern Medical Center, several nurses referred to Hargrove as a man, asking what “he” had done. Moore corrected them, saying she was a girl and the nurses “were surprised and apologized for the mistake.”


Hargrove’s account is a familiar narrative. Just six months ago, the NAACP released a similar video featuring Timothy Grismore and Xavier Hines, two black college students who said they were taking a break from studying to get a late night meal at Taco Bell when they claim they were stopped by an unmarked BPD patrol car, roughed up, and arrested.

Police said at the time they suspected the two were illegally jaywalking. Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green declined to press charges and said police had no reason to contact the pair the night they were arrested.

Grismore and Hines have since retained an attorney at Chain Cohn Stiles and filed a civil suit against the department. Their trial is set for January 2019.

Neil Gehlawat, who is representing Grismore and Hines, said he’s seen Hargrove’s video and is appalled by the events, calling it “consistent with the culture and allegations” leveled previously against the department.

Jackson said it was positive proof of the BPD's pattern of targeting black people in that neighborhood. Hargrove’s incident occurred about a mile from where Grismore and Hines were arrested. It’s a neighborhood where police say they try to proactively curb violence among criminal street gangs.

“It’s becoming more and more of a pattern,” said Jackson, who alleges Hargrove was arrested for simply walking down the street. “She’s never been in trouble before, and all of a sudden you’re a heinous criminal in two seconds.”

He wants the Kern County District Attorney’s office to drop all charges against Hargrove, but more importantly, to bring public awareness of the inequality in policing.

​Harold Pierce covers education and health for The Californian. He can be reached at 661-395-7404. Follow him on Twitter @RoldyPierce

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She is half a foot shorter, the wrong gender, a third lighter, not bald, and a decade younger. That means for this to happen he had to be reckless, racist, dumb, or all 3. Also, "the nurses thought she was a man too" is 0 excuse for his inability to identify a suspect. Fact is, he would've wasted time on any black person he ran across in the area (while the criminal got away), because that's literally the only thing she had in common with the suspect.


I think there are a few issues at work here, including some inconsistencies in her story, unnecessary escalation of the situation by police and some downplaying of important information. One. This isn't a child, a kid or a teenager. She is said to be 19 years old. Two. She says she was walking to the store then is behind it on her way back on a bicycle. Which is it? Three. The police officer is cuffing her and they fall down, his legs getting tangled in the bike. Umm either the officer hasn't controlled the situation by removing her from the bike first which is what he should have done/asked (neither mention this) or he was physically grabbing her rather than cuffing her which would account for her being startled, turning into him and possibly causing them to fall with the bike. Four. Her back to him in a cuffing position, him coming from behind, them falling would either put her on top of him or vice versa. Thats how falls work. That isn't resisting nor is it police stupidity. Its called gravity. Misunderstanding. Fear. Reaction. All in a stressful situation. Five. A dog biting someone is likely to cause that someone to make attempts to stop it from biting them. The officer is trained in controlling the dogs behavior and clearly escalated the situation by use of the dog when there was not a physical threat although the woman stated she said "I'm out of here" implying that she was indeed trying to leave while police attempted to detain her. Six. Police do not need a warrant if they have probable cause. She was wearing clothing matching the description, backpack similar and in area of the incident. No she wasn't bald but she was wearing a black hat. She also says she doesn't dress like a female. Someone from the store came out and said that "isn't the guy". Sounds as if she appears to more than officers as a male and has an admitted masculine style of dress. Seven. Seated on a bicycle and wearing a baggy shirt, how well would most of us be able to gauge accurately the height and weight of another? The standard by which most laws and courts operate is by what a reasonable person would do. Anyway, I see the how the contact between them was legitimate, her reactions legitimate, the anger and the outrage justified at the use of force by the officers. It was excessive from the point they used the k9. Embarrassed officers exaggerating their story to balance use of force should be punished. Using charges against the woman as a means to prop up their story, cover for one another and intimidate or scare her into backing down also punishable. I do not believe they are racist or just bad cops. Believing she was possibly armed and had already threatened people with a weapon, their weapons drawn upon contact is what they are trained to do for their safety as well as others. Until they can determine there are no weapons, identity, level of threat, etc. Not all situations are racially motivated just because there are races present.


Not surprised that some people will defend any police actions under all circumstances, but your try is noteworthy. First you emphasize that she definitely is not a kid, as if the article doesn accurately describe her as a 19yr old teenage woman. Then you go on describing her as a dog. I m sure you believe every word you write yourself.


Let's assume for one second Tatyana was a man- what is the similarity between a BALD man and a non BALD man? Till today, there is enough proof to discard the diabolic myth of white supremacy; here's one: a policeman, stupid enough, to the extent of not being able to distinguish between a hairy and a bald head: Shame to Racism!!!!


She was wearing a hat. Put a hat on her in the video


Meaning imagine her wearing one. Now describe her hair or lack of.


Another example of why i question police fight against body cams. Having video of incidents not only protects citizens from abuse also protects officers against false accusations of abuse while sharing their experience with community. Why would you actively fight against this unless you wanted to hide something.


I don't for one second believe that this tiny young lady was rude or trying to flee. I believe that these officers realized their huge error and needed to come up with something to cover their own asses. This sickens me! There needs to be accountability! It angers me that these trumped up chares against the VICTIM are being pesued. It would be so heartwarming to see the officers involved to step up like men and admit their fault. These officers are trained to notice derail...5'10" vs 5'2"...huge difference. 115 lbs vs 180 lbs...huge difference. Has hair vs bald...big difference. No facial hair vs goatee...big difference. In my opinion too many officers do whatever they want cuz who is going to stop them? Past history indicates they are above the law. I hope this young lady recovers quickly, I am very sorry you had to live thru this horrible experience.


very well stated!
and i hope she sues.
will make a nice college fund.
and perhaps help her get her first house.


so, let's for a moment, give this cop the benefit of the doubt, and believe that he's not a racist:
1. he's stupid - this is a tiny girl with hair and not a large bald man
2. he's a liar - made up a ridiculous story about her attacking knocking him, he being a large experienced cop, and she being a tiny inexperienced girl.
he needs to be charged and fired.


Do we honestly believe this young girl was able to overpower the cop and straddle him as the police report claimed? All while being attacked by a K9 dog and surrounded by officers wth guns drawn?? We aren't talking about a hardened criminal, we're discussing a startled, unaware teenaged girl. That is just ridiculous. Let's not be blinded by the uniform. Police officers are people. People that carry the same baggage, bias and ability to f&$@ up as everyday citizens. He messed up and then tried to cover it up. End of story. The facts just don't add up. Police need to learn they are not exempt from accountability and scrutiny. If I mess up on my job, I get reprimanded or fired. That's the way of the world. Why should it be any different here. Good guy, bad guy, doesn't matter. Did he follow all of the protocol and properly do his job (protect and SERVE)? If there is doubt there needs to be accountability.


I don't believe it... To me the officer wasted his time on the wrong suspect and in the end cost him and the victim a lot of grief in the end.


So because he's USUALLY a good cop and not racist he shouldn't be held accountable for making a horrible mistake and ruining the life of an innocent bystander?!? Tell me, should this family just let it go and move on? Would you?? Or, would you demand an investigation and seek retribution so that this never happens to another young person and family? Nobody deserves a pass when this kind of unnecessary trauma is involved. Not even "good" cops that make bad mistakes.


he's certainly lied about the incident. and now this young lady has bogus charges against her. she needs a good criminal lawyer, and a good civil lawyer.


If this was a mistake, it was a stupid mistake. Y'all white folk who are trying to legitimize a really stupid mistake or to blame a teenage girl for freaking out when stopped for no good reason by a human officer and a freaking German Shepherd are a disgrace to all people of European heritage. Shame on you.

If the officers in
question wanted to provide a good example of how to man up, they would each bring a bouquet of roses to that girl and spend like an hour mending fences.


KLA, I can promise you if allowed to, the K9 officer would in a heart beat. He is not a racist person. You know, y'all black folk want the police to treat every single black person as an individual. You want them to no have any bias when they stop a black person just because some other black person they stopped before was guilty and resisted etc.. Well, I have an idea.. How about the black community not treat every single police officer as a racist only out to harass the black community just because there are some racist cops. Blacks feel like they are stereotyped by officers yet they do them same in return. If every time a black person was stopped by the police they chose to immediately stop and listen to the officer and treat them with respect until they can talk and figure things out instead of getting all belligerent towards the officer and acting all defiant and resisting just because they don't feel they should be being stopped, I can promise you the amount of altercations would go way way down.


Your k9 cop friend is a racist, a liar and a criminal. He should be prosecuted for falsifying his police report.


well, said!


your so-called friend isn't too bright. this is a tiny girl with hair, not a large man. and even if he thought she was male, she's still tiny, and has hair.

what is your excuse now for your 'friend'?

the boi

Shut the fu(ck up, you think a 19 year old woman won't respond defensively when theres cops with a few hundred pounds in her and a dog attacking her for no reason? If your friend was a good person why are there charges against her when he's the one who tried detaining the wrong person? Go fu(ck a cactus you ignorant prick.


KLA, you're right about being a very stupid mistake... But let's not blast an entire race of people off this officer's action. But everything else, I agree wholeheartedly


Say what you will about the officer involved. I know the K9 officer and I can tell you now that he is in no way a racist person. He is in fact an extremely caring and God fearing individual. I do not believe for one moment that he used any unnecessary force nor did he intentionally proceeded to deal with this individual knowing she was not the individual he was seeking. He is simply not that type of a person.


Nice of you defend your RACIST friend, or are just worried that this psycho is going to come find you and kill you? No he is not a "good" cop he is a pig and a prime reason people do not trust cops.


Drwilhi, I am sorry you feel that way. You could not be more wrong. The reason the black community doesn't trust cops is maybe the same reason why so many cops are cynical of black people. A humans we have a bad habit of judging everyone based on the actions of a few. A good cop probably rolls up on a group of young black men and based on a stereotypical image of young black men the cops assumes he is guilty or trouble. However, before that cop ever even says a word, the majority of the black community assumes that the officer is a racist out to do nothing but harass and get the black community. If everyone took a second to treat each other with respect from the start, we wouldn't have half the issues we do.


Listen, if that's your friend that's fine, but tell us why the person he wants to detain looks nothing like the suspect. He got the gender, height, hair, etc... no weapon. Just everything wrong. It's not that much of a split second when all these facts are wrong. Why would you friend want to detain a person that look nothing like the suspect?


Monroe211, I honestly can not tell you that. I, like every single one of us that were no present at the time, can only assume. In doing so I have to use what I know about the officer. So in doing so I think that the few seconds of the initial stop they focused on the color of the clothing, the back pack etc. Being that the moment he exited the car and told the person to stop and they immediately became defensive and proceeded to either say or act like they were not going to stop, the intensity elevated from there. I believe completely that the initial stopping of this young lady was entirely on the up and up. I don't know for sure though. I only know that this officer would not intently stop a young woman, black or white, with the sole desire to harass or try to harm her.


Anyone would become defensive if cops rolled up on them with guns drawn!


MOG, I hope that wasn't his intention either, but what about this fact. At what point, does he realize that he has the wrong person. It should've been in those split seconds coming from a trained professional. Unless he's not that well trained or professional. I'm tired of the split second excuse. There's no weapon involved. So what made it split second? In your analysis is to ignore the height, weight, and physical appearance and focus on backpack and tshirt. That's pretty thin bro. I'm just saying. One last thing, She looks jacked up from the incident. So how's your friend doing? I can't to see what the real suspect looks like compared to this 19yr old girl. So much potential for it to look even worse, don't you think?


asking what the cops want is not 'defensive'. it's her right under the law. your cop friend is a clueless cretin, not competent enough to have a gun or a shield. he also needs glasses. she's a tiny girl with hair, not a large bald man. and even if he thought she was a boy - that happens - she is tiny and has hair. he them proceeded to brutalize her, including letting his dog bite her. i hope she gets a good civil lawyer and sues this department, and him personally.

p.s. don't know if he's racist or not, but clearly he's stupid.

the boi

if he isn't trying to harm her why is he falsifying police reports and getting charges pressed against her for his mistake? good person my a(ss.


and why would your friend have his dog attack and injure that person? and why would your friend then lie about the encounter and say how she suddenly attacked him?


he's not 'god-fearing' enough to be truthful. and he's some kind of not good person to brutally take down a tiny female with hair who is clearly not a large bald man. also, he had his dog attack her. what a nice guy.


The two versions of events coming from police and victim are pretty common. Of course you're not going to remember the exact same interaction, especially if you had a specific objective, like the police did (to catch suspect of machete incident), or were absolutely terrified (like a 16 year old would be). That does not necessarily mean either party is lying. Furthermore, the burden of de-escalating falls on the police. It has to. Otherwise, our law enforcement is really just a bully in a uniform. This girl does not fit the description given even a little bit, and it seems pretty far fetched that these officers didn't realize she was a female. I'm sorry to be so on the nose, but at 2 times during this article she supposedly gets into a mounting position where she is on top of the officer with a leg on either side. They knew she was a female. I'm getting so frustrated with the way that asking questions of cops is seen as "resisting arrest." You're telling me that if three cops and a dog stop you out of the blue and demand to see your stuff, you're not going to ask what's going on? Try again. We need to be aware that calling this girl "sassy" or "rude" or saying that her parents should be glad she isn't dead is unacceptable. We simply wouldn't say that about a white girl in this situation. Tatyana, if you can see this, I hope that you're recovering well and that you are exonerated of charges. You told your side of the story, and that is brave, especially considering that this is Bakersfield and what happened involved the police. I hope you and your family find justice.


I can tell you now Raven1103, I know the K9 officer personally. He is not a racist individual. He is human and may have allowed his judgment to slip in determining if she was the right persons he was looking for, but that was a split second moment and the moment she started to refuse to stop and if she said anything like she was indicating she was leaving, which based on his side of events she did, as an officer his primary goal then is to detain her. I am sorry, but just because a person, or an entire race of individuals, feels that they are consistently wrongly stopped or accused by the police, it does not allow them to ignore a police officers command.
It is sad really. The black community wants the police to treat each and every black person as an individual and to not assume that every black person they stop is guilty of something or is wanted or that they are going to resist etc.. .. However, most black people treat every officer the same way. They assume every officer is a racist one only out to get black people. Treating everyone based off the actions of a few goes both ways....


I really don't know what you're problem is to generalize a group of people that I'm sure you don't know. Don't say "every" black person because it's not cool to generalize about people like that. Have a cool dialogue bro. I'm sure you're no expert in the black community nor do you have a lot of black friends or apart of a black family. I'm sure everyone has a small experience that may have been negative, but it's not fair to put the entire race under trial. This is the sad part. She's American right? So where's the love and empathy. Or do you lack love for all African Americans just because without knowing the individual.


Well Monroe, I said every black person in the context that I could not imagine a single black person, or any race for that matter, to want to be treated based on the actions of a few. In that example I was intending on speaking as the Black Community as a whole. I yes, I have nothing but love for all. Including my many black friends and I yes I have quite a few. Including 4 cousins and an uncle.


Stop talking about the black community, you don't know anything about the black community.


MOG, your friends a coward hiding behind a badge, there you fell better. I'm not from CA but I've heard about Bakersfield PD, by white commenters on other issues, PD doesn't play with a full deck.


Get rid of the police chief. Have a race riot. Hang G. Vasquez. He's a punk.


The police focused on 1 thing and that was race. Other than her race what part of the description matched her?

Ht? 5'2 compared to 5"10. Wt? 115 to 180. Hair compared to bald. No goatee.

Asking why you are stopping me isn't resisting. Did she threw her bike to the ground and jumped on the police? Did she pepper spray them?

As soon as the officer approached her and saw how small she was, the issue was over.

Clearly not 1 of the officers paid attention to the alert of who they were looking for,


If a trained officer in our culture doesn't immediately assume a person who is 5'2" and 115 lbs is female and correct that mistake if he's actually confronting a male, he's got his own agenda.
Am so sorry this happened, especially about the dog. So wrong to cause a fear of dogs in someone
Bakersfield, if you have a problem with officers beating up on black folks, please make it stop. And beating up on women -- if it's wrong for our menfolks to do it, it's even more wrong when someone we PAY to "protect and serve" us beats on us.


1st Fact - Looks nothing at all like the person their looking for. Bald and 6' tall.
2nd Fact - Two sets of stories. One from Police and other from Citizen.
3rd Fact - Two stories in different instances when these people shouldn't have been a target in the first place.
It's sad that people wouldn't sympathize or empathize with this young lady, but instead make assumptions that she's either rude or uncooperative for no reason. Why is this a general thought after reading the story and watching the video. You heard her voice, doesn't sound very manly. You've seen her frame, doesn't come off as if she can take a grown man down. Citizen vs. Professional Trained Policeman that upholds the law. Turns out that you've arrested a woman, no weapons, 5'2 115lbs, but the officer says she try to flee when she initially stopped in some shade to drink water because of the heat. All I can say is Wow....Really. She overpowered the policeman with a k9. Please stop blaming the victim because ultimately, she's still a victim. Cop never asked for ID...I'm trying to figure out what did the cop do that was protocol to verify he has the right person. My bad, the machete guy decided to stop outside the store where he just terrorized everyone to have some water. He took a 15 minute break from terrorism in the shade. Not pulling any race cards, but I don't have to with all these miscues by the profession officer right. Why are you in a fight with the wrong person, seriously.


It's hard to give the cop the benefit of the doubt. Why did he draw his weapon immediately? Aren't they supposed to engage a suspect and ask questions before drawing a weapon? Also, after hearing her voice he wasn't able to tell he was speaking to a teenaged girl instead of an adult male? It's not like any of this occurred from long distance. I don't buy that the girl tried to flee or talk back in the face of both a gun and a police dog. Those are two very scary things for a young girl! Not something that happens to you every day. The kid probably was and is still very traumatized. I wonder if those so quick to defend the lack of training and judgment displayed by the officer would feel the same way if it were their daughter, son, or friend. Thank God he didn't kill her! Even it was an honest mistake, there still seems to be some intrinsic bias that needs to be addressed. He might not have been so quick to pull his weapon out and sic his dog on a celebrity, or someone who looked like they could be his daughter or son. Should officers not be held accountable for their "mistakes"?


This sounds like a mistaken identity compounded by this girl's unwillingness to cooperate with police to clear up a relatively minor misunderstanding.
So here is what you can believe:
1. A police officer thought she looked like a man who had a deadly weapon and told her to stop while he cleared things up, she resisted, and he used force to defend himself and his partner....or
2. Yet another horrible racist cop saw a black girl and thought "Hey, I'll use this recent machete attack to attack this girl and I'll call her a man just to add injury to insult! Then, I'll sic my dog on her and convince the nurses at KMC to call her a man too."

If you chose option 2, you might want to take a long look in the mirror....


You sound like someone defending Cowardly behavior. How can you mistake a bald black almost six feet tall, with a woman wearing a hat. Your a police officer who is paid for being attentive to detail. So you saying he used force to defend himself and other's. Makes the officers sound pretty weak, they couldn't handle a "5.2" alleged man, with 3 cops and a dog.


So, I am thinking you chose option 2. lol.


Either you believe
1. Police officers were stupid enough to mistake a 5'2" 100 lb teenage girl with hair for a 5'10" 200 lb middle aged bald man. Because they're completely retarded.


2. Police officers don't care who they attack, if it's a black person, they probably did something wrong.

If you choose Option 1, you might want to take a look in the mirror...


Another genius choosing Option 2.... Because "cops don't care who they attack."
That's their statement. "Cops do not care who they attack."


The police are human. Sometimes, in the legitimate course of their duties, they make mistakes. This whole thing would never have happened if she had been polite, had cooperated with the police, had not mouthed off or talked back, and had done what she was told. This isn't a story about racist cops---it sounds a lot more like the story of a sassy, disrespectful little scamp who thought she didn't HAVE to cooperate with the police. Well, she found out different, the hard way. And if the other adults in her life had the sense God gave a goose, they'd let her learn her lesson before she grows up to be a little criminal.


You're ignorant.


I can tell you now that the K9 officer is in no way a racist individual. I know him personally and he is a respectful God fearing husband and father. He may have in the moment of the situation allowed himself to let his judgment slip in accessing the individual and determine if it was the right person or not. However, the spit second the person indicated that they were not going to stop and allow themselves to be questioned and indicated in any form that they were going to leave the area, it then became an escalated issue and the first priority is stopping the individual in order to sort things out. This young lady choose to become defiant and refused to follow the officers commands.


Your friend is definitely a racist




'sassy'? how nice and racist of you. she has a right under the law to ask why she is being stopped and questioned. it is not rude, either. asking why she's being stopped is also no not cooperating.

these cops are stupid if they think a tiny girl with hair is a large black bald man. but you call that a 'mistake'. did they have to jump on her? injure her? brutalize her with a dog? NO, they didn't.

stop making excuses for bad cops.


Your option one of her looking like a man, while she has a slim build the police focused on 1 thing and that was race. Other than her race what part of the description matched her?

Ht? 5'2 compared to 5"10. Wt? 115 to 180. Hair compared to bald. No goatee.

Asking why you are stopping me isn't resisting. So are you suppose she threw her bike to the ground and jumped on the police? Did she pepper spray them?

As soon as the officer approached her and saw how small she was, the issue was over.

Clearly not 1 of the officers paid attention to the alert of who they were looking for,


That's what I thought too when I read the article. I don't think they heard/listened to the description of suspect AT ALL and saw a person with a backpack in that general vicinity and assumed. Assuming is not a crime. However, when I assume at my job and make a mistake that big, I get fired.


if you do not see chose 2 as the truth you must either be a racist or you are a sociopath.


Wow, incredible the amount of water people are willing to carry.
Any reasonable person would react the same way to being aggressively cornered by a police officer for no apparent reason. This could've been solved with a simple conversation not rolling up with your guns drawn! It is the police's responsibility to ensure their own safety by not escalating situations. Im not sure how any adult can look at this situation and say that it was handled well.


wow, really @Churchillis1 - "sounds like mistaken identity"? REALLY, a tiny girl with hair on her head and no facial hear looks just like a large bald man with a goatee?!

and how was this girl unwilling to "cooperate with police to clear up a relatively minor misunderstanding" by asking what they wanted of her? by the way, that is her right under the law.

you're no brighter than the three lying cops who accosted, assaulted (including with a dog) and injured her. and then lied about it and laid bogus charges against her. they violated her civil right, and now there's going to be a civil lawsuit which, by the way, she WILL win.

as for you, get off your lazy intellectual high horse and try some critical and fair thinking.

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