Which city has the best tacos in California? Bakersfield, according to Thrillist. Specifically, the travel/entertainment/lifestyle website recommends Nuestro Mexico on 21st Street.

Which city has the oldest surviving Basque boarding house and dining hall in the country? Bakersfield again: It's the 126-year-old Noriega Hotel, honored as an American classic in 2011 by the James Beard Foundation.

There you go: Two "while you're in Bakersfield" tips from David Lyman, manager of Visit Bakersfield. Yes, that's his title, but Lyman might also be called Bakersfield's head concierge. He is in the business of convincing visitors to  leave their money at local hotels, restaurants, gas pumps, retail stores, museums, sporting events and festivals of all sorts, whether they're hear for two hours or two weeks. And he's pretty good at it.

Lyman was Wednesday's guest on "One on One with Robert Price," TBC Media's weekly webcast. The live noon-time interview aired on bakersfeld.com — and is available there now free and "on demand."

On the webcast, Lyman discusses his recent budget request before the Bakersfield City Council (hint: He is adding a second comma); new, encouraging revenue figures for the local Transient Occupancy Tax, or hotel surcharge; and the hotel-building mini-boom that's currently adding rooms to an underserved city.

Check out Price's interview with Lyman on bakersfield.com.

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Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

We are making gains in the pedo priest dept too


You have a lot of concerns about Bakersfield. Why don't you just move elsewhere?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Please just go away...your posts lend absolutely nothing to any discussion, other than to display your single-minded obsession with priests. Maybe YOU are the one that needs to seek help?


Looks like a jolly chap! Cant wait to 'here' the interview!

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