Much can be said about the various candidates eyeing the White House, but when one of them stops by to visit their supporters, local residents come out in flocks and go wild.

That certainly was the case Friday afternoon as Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders rolled through Bakersfield to hold a Get Out the Early Vote rally. Thousands of Sanders supporters who "feel the Bern" came out to let the candidate know he has their vote for the March 3 primary.

"I gotta tell you from up here, you look beautiful," Sanders said as he stepped out on the Spectrum Amphitheatre stage and was met with thunderous applause and cheers.

In about half an hour, Sanders touched on issues and topics that, if elected, would be at the forefront of his presidency — reducing income and wealth inequality, tackling climate change, introducing a Medicare for All health insurance program, ending voter suppression and fighting for women's rights. 

"Medicare for All is definitely the top one for me," said Bakersfield resident Amy Murch about what issue drew her to support Sanders. "Just the fact that we need to provide citizens what even Mexico is able to provide for its citizens. We are good enough to do that."

When addressing health care, Sanders said it is a human right, not privilege, and the United States can't continue to be the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people.

Under his Medicare for All, single-payer program, Sanders promises that there will be no more premiums, copayments, deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses and individuals will spend no more than $200 a year for prescription drugs. The crowd cheered louder for each point. 

He also discussed how climate change is a moral issue and people must leave the planet in a way that is healthy and inhabitable for future generations. That means, he said, moving away from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

"You have seen what the wildfires have done to this state. I was in Paradise a number of months ago, what I saw was heartbreaking, it was unbelievable, it was devastating," Sanders said. "Turn on the TV today, watch Australia, a beautiful country, burning up before our eyes."

Though much of the rally focused on his ideas, he didn't hold back on his criticisms of President Donald Trump or fellow Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg. 

Sanders called the president a "racist," "sexist," "homophobe," "xenophobe" and "religious bigot." He also brought up a moment from Wednesday's Democratic primary debate where Bloomberg's billionaire status was discussed. When asked whether he deserved his $65 billion, Bloomberg said he worked hard for it.

"And I'm sure he did. But you know what, he's not the only person who works hard in America," Sanders said.

What his campaign and administration is about, Sanders explained, is making sure "all of our people in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world can live with security and dignity."

No visible protesters were seen at the rally, but a few individuals with Trump 2020 flags attached to their vehicles were driving around The Park at River Walk and along Stockdale Highway.

Other local activists also hit the stage to discuss Sanders' approach to issues most pressing to the Central Valley. Cal State Bakersfield student and immigrant rights activist Andrea Guevara discussed the recent failed vote to open two immigrant detention facilities in McFarland earlier this week, which she said "have no place in our society," and commended Sanders for pledging to put a stop to private prisons.

Those who attended Friday's rally said they feel like they have found a candidate who has their backs and will fight for them. Francisco Nava, who came from Stockton for the event, expressed he has been let down by the government for some time, but Sanders "just gives me hope again."

Sanders ended his rally by asking attendees to head to the polls on March 3 and stand up for what they think is right.

"How can we stop the movement of millions of people who are standing up for justice? I got news for the Republican establishment ... Democratic establishment, they can't stop us," Sanders exclaimed. "When we stand together, nothing is gonna stop us." 

Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.

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(48) comments


Nice to see the entitlement class out for a rally today.


Lessee . . . uh . . . Bernie WHO?


Oh yeah . . . 'independent Party' began in 1967 (like Commie & Socialist parties in US) . . . odd crossovers . . .


Makes one wonder how long these "new alphabet" parties will be here (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei' lasted 1920 to 1945).


What a great weekend. Couldn't be happier with the results. It's gonna be hard to catch him now.


Hope you're right, Fruit Cup....


So Sen Sanders has done nothing worthwhile while serving in Congress. That is from his own party. That tells me he is would do nothing as President. Another Obama without the flare. Sheesh...


It will be interesting to see who has a stroke first....Moardeeb or Bernie....


Are you kidding? Bernie is killing it in Nevada today! Couldn't be happier. But don't get me wrong. I will vote for ANYBODY other than Trump. And if Democrats turn out like they did in 2018, we are in baby!


I must and can say that the United States is no longer a great nation. The privileged generations since WW2 have grown to feel they deserve everything for nothing. I can't understand why citizens want the government to manage their daily lives, people must understand that this country is on the road to failure and it will happen within the next 40 years. The money is just not there no matter how much is taken from the rich or corporations eventually they will leave or have no money either. People should work harder for themselves not the Federal government. As for me I'm neutral on the presidential nominees as I can see none of them really help the country, as I look back the last great president was Eisenhower in the 1950's as that was the last great, hard working, and moral generation. I'm proud to say I've lived in once was a great America.


Ok Boomer. Oh wait, I'm a Boomer too, just not a Boomer Rube longing for the 1950's.


Thank you Moredweeb


Oh, you’re a rune no doubt about it. Add a scrub in as well.


I remember when no one thought Trump could win. People have short memories.

The new comment

The reason the Democrat candidates are so unappealing is because the Democrat platform is about nothing but race baiting, economic envy, limiting of economic freedoms and higher taxes which is socialism and leads to confiscation of private property and personal liberties which is essentially communism. People listening to Bernie's tripe don't seem to understand that all the wealth that any country enjoys can only be created in the private sector. Government does not create wealth. Government takes wealth. Bernie is a big lie because he can't deliver on his promises without killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and he KNOWS IT. The problem is those buying his lies don't realize that once private wealth is destroyed by a leftist government it's VERY VERY difficult to recreate without changing that leftist government and leftist governments are like parasites; they're very hard to kill. Castro in Cuba. Chavez/Maduro in Venezula. Lenin/Putin in Russia. Mugabe in Rodesia/Zimbawe. And now, Bernie in America. They all promised the world and couldn't deliver because socialism is just a weigh station to communism. Look it up, it's true. You're best bet in getting ahead is private sector capitalism. You need to bone up on some Adam Smith; the title of his book is Wealth of Nations.


Unappealing candidates, no. Any of our candidates are better people, better qualified, better patriots than Trump. It's hard to choose. But every Democrat I have talked to says the same thing. WHOEVER wins the nomination has their vote. The number 1 priority is defeating the impeached criminal in the White Hose before he completely destroys the Consitution and the Rule of Law.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Again, Dweeb (I've asked you this many times), please explain the Rule of Law to us laymen and women.

I'll wait (again)...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

And I was one of those people.

Wow- we are actually in agreement on a post!

Stop the world, I wanna get off!!! LOL


Next thing you and Yorkypoo will be playin’ gin rummy together.

Masked 2020

Yorkypoo....thats funny.....4 you to share with Gene Gene Gene... Cut copy paste......In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, is the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn, called Chronos by the greeks, the Titan of Time, perhaps first by Plutarch), and the mother of Virtus. She is also sometimes considered the daughter of Jupiter, called Zeus by the greeks,[1] or a creation of Prometheus.[2][3] The elusive goddess is said to have hidden in the bottom of a holy well.[4] She is depicted both as a virgin dressed in white and as the "naked truth" (nuda veritas) holding a hand mirror.[5][6][7]

Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should possess. The Greek goddess of truth is Aletheia (Ancient Greek: ἀλήθεια). The German philosopher Martin Heidegger argues that the truth represented by aletheia (which essentially means "unconcealment") is different from that represented by veritas, which is linked to a Roman understanding of rightness and finally to a Nietzschean sense of justice and a will to power.[8]

In Western culture, the word may also serve as a motto.

Gene Pool Chlorinator


And singing Kumbaya at the same time...


I was thinking it would be something more along the lines of sipping Cosmopolitans together...LOL


"In about half an hour, Sanders touched on issues and topics that, if elected, would be at the forefront of his presidency — reducing income and wealth inequality, tackling climate change, introducing a Medicare for All health insurance program, ending voter suppression and fighting for women's rights." OK Bernie, tell me how shy high our taxes will go IF you or anyone ever implements universal health care, how high Bernie. Like many European countries taxed at 60%? And that voter suppression stuff you talk about, where and how is there voter suppression....they have to have a valid ID to vote...poor baby. I have to have a valid ID to do anything in my country. I have to have a real ID to get on a plane. I have to have a real ID to get medical care. There is NO voter suppression in this country unless that "voter" is an illegal alien or other non-citizen. Get past your BS Bernie. And now you want to go full communist with wealth management just like it was in the Soviet Union where only the billionaire's with political connections had any $$$. Bye, Bye, Bernie, you are toast.

All Star

The extra staff on duty at The Heart Hospital were allowed to go home when the rally was over.


Trump made a secret trip to the hospital a couple of months ago, cameras caught him with a heart monitor on. He's the same age as Bernie basically. So, go there if you want, it wont work.


Reading some of the populist nonsense circulating on the web the campaign is going to be really ugly. Last year we had a running tsunami of Valadao ads that the only thing they could share is an incredibly false smear campaign against Cox.

Now we have the Russians back in our business, circulating nonsense to promote Trump by scare memes of the "horror" that awaits if we elect one of the adults from the Democratic party instead of their favorite, the Narcissist in Chief. They may be promoting Bernie thinking he's the most beatable but also to keep the party in disarray with the hope of getting the least attractive Democrat to run against the guy they really want elected. And, believing the hosts on Fox News and that stuff on the web, the Trumpites don't see the're being played like a fiddle.

The new comment

TJ Cox was elected through ballot harvesting. He's an illegitimate member of the US House of Reps. You know it's true. Wake up! The Democrats are corrupt You think Trump is corrupt! Your own party wants to change the rules in the middle of their primary because they think the can't win and you want to dream up some BS fictional wackadoo story line that blames Trump and Republicans. Typical! Get real Stephen.



Gene Pool Chlorinator

Wow Stephen, what would we do without your eloquent musings?

You act like you're the father figure here, but only continue to show your partisan stripes with almost every post.

Bernie doesn't win a national election- can't you see the DNC already knows that and are working feverishly to get Bloomberg the nomination?

Bernie will get jobbed again, just like in 2016, where he should've cleaned HRC's clock if not for the Super Delegate BS.


Typical SC guy, he won’t respond because all he knows is running with their tired script on politics. That is why they have been losing more and more of their funding stream as the years go by.

Take action Now

I think it’s amazing how these politicians talk about the environment,yet do nothing. Perfect example only about 6 states charge a deposit on cans and bottles to promote recycling. Why not make it a Federal law that states must charge a fee to promote recycling. Now how you going to promote laws and rules and get governments around the world to comply. Heck we can’t even stop poaching, You truly think we will stop destroying our planet. The environment is not some light switch that can be turned on and off. I truely think our children’s children are going to have a serious problem on their hands, when they grow up. But don’t worry - Mother Nature will just take over and a New World will begin.

Take action Now

I have heard one word or any proposal about how he plans to pay for this “ National Health Care “ for all. Talk is cheap, but how he would plan to implement this program is what he needs to talk about. I sure do hope it’s not like the V.A. Hospital’s, they leave a lot to be desired. It’s a joke when a family member goes to the V.A.


He plans to tax Wall Street, tax the 1% who own most of the country, stop paying to guard people in prison for minor offenses. Every other civilized country in the world can do it. Are we dumber than Canada?

If you want crappy treatment, to pay twice as much as any other country for your meds, keep paying co-payments and deductibles then run scared. You think the rich white men who make up the Republican Party care about you?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

OK genius, let me educate you on your "plans to tax Wall Street" (i.e. the 1%)...

According to the Rand Corporation and the Urban Institute, Bernie's single-payer health plan would cost $34 TRILLION over the next 10 years. On top of that, his "Green New Deal" will cost another $16.3 TRILLION over the next 10 years (per his own campaign).

The total is a little over $50 TRILLION in new spending, offset by the 1%ers, right?


According to a Brookings Institute study published in 2019, the top 1% own approximately $25 trillion in wealth.

So, in language even you can understand, you can confiscate all of the top 1%ers wealth and still not come close to paying the bill for 10 years of the highest fiscal spending in recorded history.

How will the gap be bridged? You guessed it- EVERYONE'S taxes will go up and by a considerable margin. Goodbye middle class...



He looked like a heart attack waiting to happen......


It was great. Sanders is intelligent, thoughtful, eloquent, inclusive, truthful, everything the current occupant of the Whote House, President Bone Spurs Draft Dodger is not. And yes, Sanders is a Socialist and proud of it! Just like FDR!

I had a great time.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

The DNC is going to screw Bernie yet again. They already changed the rules to allow Bloomberg to participate in the last debate, while keeping two more deserving candidates (Steyr and Gabbard) off the stage.

Hope you Bernie supporters make your voices heard to the DNC leadership, or you'll be in for a repeat of 2016...

Masked 2020

Gene Gene you really try to hid it but I've seen you wear that made by Putin MAGA cap.....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Unlike you Yorkies, I'm not beholden to any party.

Your mind numbed devotion to the democratic party is laughable.

Guess it beats thinking for a living- as evidenced by your continued RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA theme. I guess you didn't read the Mueller report, did you?


Have you paid attention to the news this week? Russia Russia Russia is right! Putin's got something on Trump. It'll come out someday.

When I was in school, we hid under our desks because the Russians were going to nuke us. This week, Trump just let them walk right in. Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave. Trump is a traitor!

Masked 2020

Gene Gene Gene.....did Sean or Judge Jeanine read it so you at bedtime...and just for you...FYI.... but then you probably already knew ... are you that one person?... Cut copy paste ...."Who dreams about Putin?

Muscovites usually dream about the metro, the suburban commuter train and the Orthodox St. Matrona of Moscow. Residents in St. Petersburg mostly dream about the metro, blueberries and cranberries, while people from the Krasnodar Territory are more likely to see crabs and walnuts. People from the Chelyabinsk Region often see meteorites in their dreams, and residents of the Novosibirsk Region see dragons and strawberries.

The only person who appears frequently in dreams is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Chechens see him most often, and they also see eyes, getting married and telephones. One of the most popular Chechen search queries is, "Why do people dream about two text messages on their phones, and one unpleasant invitation."

Russians often seek interpretations for their dreams. Each week, Yandex users make more than half a million queries about dreams."


The Genester is a crumb-snatcher. Not a 1%er

So he lives from their crumbs as they control 89% of the wealth and leave crumbs for the savages to scurry after. And even the crumbs are dropped accidentally. Lol

So Bernie gonna straighten our the obvious push by Orange Bozo to keep the lil people lil.

So if u like the crumbs they feed you n your family,,, keep the rallies and MAGA hats going. The crumbs you love. Yummy. Tasty. Leftovers that dropped off their faces whilst feasting on the big bucks Lol

And you looove it. Ha.

I teach my own kids: Just Say No To Crumbs.

How bout y’all? Lol

The new comment

For someone with the name MrKnowItAll, you sure don't know much. Scary!

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Dweeb, yeah keep believing the Russian cr@p- it came from Brennan (the known LIAR), so it MUST be true, right?

Yorkies - Sean or JJ don't read anything to me. I can read well enough myself and don't need what to be told to think by MSLSD or CNN.

Your cut and paste routine has gotten stale- you are one of the most intellectually lazy people here.

Mrknownothing- you have NO idea where i lie on the 1%/99%, but go ahead and make things up like you've been doing all along.

I'm sure your kids (like you) are crumbsuckers- prove me wrong...


Gibbard isnt considered a Democrat after her "present" votes on Impeachment.

Not worried.


That's right, true Democrats march in lock step. For all their talk about multi-culture and inclusiveness, free thinkers need not apply.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Lamonster #Fact

Gene Pool Chlorinator

She clearly explained why she did that- it's too bad the big bad DNC doesn't have the tolerance it preaches among its own candidates.

She committed the ultimate sin- actually having thoughts not aligned with the DNC.

Your party is a joke Dweeb...

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