Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has canceled a planned stop at Cal State Bakersfield Thursday after the Democratic candidate was hospitalized and underwent a heart procedure for a blocked artery.

University spokeswoman Jen Self said Sanders' team has not indicated whether the visit to Bakersfield will take place later.

"Right now they’re not saying whether it’s going to be rescheduled or postponed or anything,” she said.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the campaign was canceling events and appearances "until further notice."

The 78-year-old Vermont senator experienced chest discomfort during an event Tuesday and sought medical evaluation, according to a campaign statement. It said two stents were "successfully inserted" and that Sanders "is conversing and in good spirits."

His campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, was on a telephone call with supporters Tuesday night but didn't mention any health concerns about the candidate. Shakir said the "state of the campaign is strong" and he played up Sanders' strong fundraising total for the third quarter.

Sanders was among 10 Democratic candidates scheduled to appear later Wednesday at a forum on gun control in Las Vegas. He recently canceled some appearances in South Carolina because he lost his voice. The campaign said at the time he felt fine.

The Democratic field’s oldest candidate, Sanders sometimes jokingly refers to his age at town halls and other events, especially when interacting with younger participants. His aides have tried to project him as a candidate with energy levels that surpassed his 2016 presidential campaign.

He is one of three candidates over age 70 in the Democratic primary, which has spurred debate over whether the party should rally behind a new generation of political leaders. His health scare is certain to revive that discussion in the weeks before the next presidential debate this month.

Sanders’ 2016 campaign nearly overtook Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination. He is a top contender in the 2020 primary, and announced Tuesday that he raised more than $25 million over the past three months. But he is facing stiff competition from former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who have overtaken him in many polls.

Sanders is not the first candidate to face health issues in recent years while seeking the presidency. Clinton had to take time off from campaigning in 2016 after being treated for pneumonia.

In 2000, former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, the leading Democratic challenger to then-Vice President Al Gore, had to cut short a campaign swing for treatment of an atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that is treatable but potentially serious. Bradley later resumed his campaign.

In Sanders’ case, when doctors insert a stent, they first thread a tiny balloon inside a blocked artery to widen it. The stent is a small wire mesh tube that then is propped inside to keep the artery open. The number of stents needed depends on the size of the clog.

The senator’s last visit to Bakersfield was during the 2016 Democratic primary campaign, when he drew a crowd estimated at 3,000 to the Kern County Fairgrounds, according to a press release.

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Rooting for the cholesterol....


Darn . . . ! Good health, Bernie . . . woulda enjoyed listenin' to you at CSB . . .and if I was still (D) . . . voted JFK . . . find you more like Donald than the rest (age and focus . . . not policy). Can't stand the others . . .and Biden's a "pants-on-fire-liar". BTW, your old home town, the 'Windy City' (U of Chi) was my birthplace in '38 (we're of an age . . . & on Xarelto). We could swap lies about college . . . my '61 U of I degree cost $90/semester.

Get well, Sir . . . and I share Donald's concerns:

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Trump’s reelection campaign, Tim Murtagh, a tweeted that “All of us at @TeamTrump offer @BernieSanders our prayers and wish him a speedy recovery.”


Oh yeah . . . I like Vermont (where my maternal ancestors hail from . . . all DAR's and SAR's) . . . and 'Great Cousin Alden Partridge' was first West Point Commandant ...on an 11¢ stamp (have full sheet) . . . !

Get well and . . .back on the 'Debate Trail' . . . to the end . . . even though >>> 2020 IS OU(R)S . . . !

Stating the obvious

Don't forget, this guy is part of the 1% and he made it all by.... Capitalism! Which he claims to hate- yet thrives off of. In his beloved "socialist" countries he'd be put on a waiting list until he simply died. Sanders= hypocrite


The inaccuracies in your comment are almost too numerous to count, but they are humorous in that it reflects your willful ignorance and memorization of Fox News/GOP talking points. Good job! Hahaha


Ridiculous. If you had symptoms of a heart attack, you would go to an emergency room and be treated with a cath. You would not have to wait for that.

Inconvenient Truth

It's fortunate for Sanders that he was in the USA and not Europe or Canada, or that "Sudden" medical treatment would have had a long waiting period attached to it.

Of course, Bernie is a millionaire who can afford far better medical treatment than he wants to "give" to you and me.


I was just shocked he had a heart to have a procedure on 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


Ridiculous. If you had symptoms of a heart attack, you would go to an emergency room and be treated with a cath. You would not have to wait for that.

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