On Tuesday night, trustees of the Bakersfield City School District unanimously passed a resolution in support of Proposition 15, a proposition on Tuesday's ballot that seeks to amend 1978's Proposition 13. That makes BCSD the largest school district in the county to back the proposition.

Just a week ahead of the election, it joins Greenfield Union and Delano Union Elementary school districts in supporting Prop 15.

If passed, the measure would raise revenue for schools and local governments from property taxes on commercial properties whose taxable value is capped at 2 percent annually under Proposition 13.

School Services of California, Inc., a nonpartisan group that serves school agencies, estimates BCSD could see between $12 and $21 million from the measure if it passes.

The board passed the resolution with almost no discussion except for one comment from trustee Pam Baugher.

"I hope people take time to read Prop. 15, because a lot of the advertisement is clearly false," she said.

The resolution states that the board supports the proposition because "the share of the property tax burden has shifted away from commercial property and toward residential property throughout the state and in virtually every county."

Comments were read into the public record in support of the measure.

One comment came from Lester Pineda, a student at Sequoia Middle School: "This will allow for more resources, a better learning environment and more teachers for a better education for students."

The Dolores Huerta Foundation has worked to encourage regional endorsements of the measure, and Camila Chavez, the organization's executive director, praised the board's support in a public comment. In her comment, she added that the Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce supports the measure.

No comments were read in opposition of the resolution at the meeting, though prominent local Republicans like Assemblyman Vince Fong have come out against the measure.