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Bakersfield City School District officials gather for the April 9 special board meeting.

The traditional summer school program offered at Bakersfield City School District was officially canceled at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting in favor of a 16-day program at four schools.

The remedial English and math summer school will be held at Casa Loma, Longfellow and Stella Hills elementary schools, and Emerson Middle School. These schools are identified as low-performing, and the program will be funded through a $664,844 state Comprehensive Support and Improvement grant.

BCSD spokeswoman Irma Cervantes Lancaster said the modified summer school program will be a model for future years.

"We are planning on future summer school," she said. "We’re doing the modified program this summer, and we’re hoping to utilize the same model at other school sites in the future."

The district announced it was cutting the $1.7 million summer school program in December due to anticipated budget cuts, low enrollment, rising school service costs and other factors, according to district officials. The decision was met with considerable backlash from parents.

The board also approved a union agreement with the Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association at the meeting, which includes a 2 percent salary increase for the 2018-19 school year, retroactive to July 1, and one-time bonus this year equal to 2 percent of each teacher's annual salary. 

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Shame on BCSD administrators and the elected school board. BCSD is ravaged by ineffective policies and procedures that ensure children will still be illiterate when they go on to KHSD. Horrible leadership means horrible outcomes and our local economy is going to take the hit for years to come.

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