Bakersfield Christian High School President John Buetow sent a letter to parents to address an incident in which a student displayed the message “Black Lives Don’t Actually Matter” as their Zoom background during class.

Some of the other messages shared as backgrounds were “White Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter.” Screenshots of the Zoom backgrounds were shared to social media platforms, and they show another student in the same class shared the message “BLM is a joke to society.”

The school opened an investigation into the incident immediately, Buetow wrote in a letter, obtained by KGET-17 and confirmed by Buetow, to students and parents Tuesday. School officials found that the messages were shared while the teacher was giving a presentation, which meant the teacher couldn’t see the students’ backgrounds while they were displayed.

Buetow wrote that there was anger in the community both because of the content of the Zoom backgrounds and because the screenshots had been shared publicly on social media.

“Bluntly, both of these reactions seem pretty reasonable,” he wrote in the letter to parents. “In other words, two wrongs do not make a right.”

Buetow declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday, except for sharing a prepared statement and to say: “It’s a tough situation for everyone.”

He also released a public statement, which said in part: "Black lives absolutely do matter. As a school — more specifically as a Christian school — we must be unequivocal in this statement. Black lives have been created in the image of God and are of inherent value. There are pivotal times in every nation’s history when the opportunity for societal change and growth is clearly evident. This is such a time in American history in regards to not only racial justice in general, but — very specifically — in regards to advancing the rights and opportunities of the African American community who has endured particular injustices through our nation’s history."

Buetow said in the letter to parents that he would not be releasing details about any disciplinary actions.

“Such a sharing of discipline would be inappropriate as we are in the business of helping teenagers to grow, not engaging in public excoriation," the letter said.

In his letter to parents, Buetow also wrote, "Where Black Lives Matter or any other organization supports this same goal, we are in absolute alignment. Period. Supporting one aspect which an organization espouses does not indicate a support of all of its positions or the manner in which it advances its goals."

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(25) comments

Masked 2020

Enter this Rabbit Hole at your own Risk.......the KlanPopulates HateDownThere


Pale skinned, blue eyed, Jeffrey Hunter looking Jesus approved the message.

Liberals are trying to change history. Why...they've gone as far as to claim Jesus looked like a Palestinian! Blasphemy!

These are the same people trying to say that Robert E Lee tried to conquer America. The nerve! They're going to hades for insinuating there are two American Justice systems.

Carry on soldiers....behind the Cross.

Hoods are optional.

The new comment

I implore anyone who cares, especially my fellow black citizens, who cares about black lives - and understands that they matter without diminishing the fact that all other lives matter too - to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch the following video. Just copy and past the link into any browser:


Go ask Larry Elder exactly which black lives matter. I think his answer will enlighten you.




...or Ben Carson, who had to endure taunts for "trying to be white," or "uncle tom," etc. because he wanted to achieve in life. The law is slanted, but it's slanted for the rich. If blacks acted like whites, they would not be shot. Most people don't have to fear whites while walking down the street but they do have to be careful around blacks because they have been taught to hate "whitey" and take advantage of them when possible. If blacks did not commit so many crimes, they would be treated better by the police and everyone else. They taunt any other blacks who want to work hard and achieve in life. Change starts at home, so stop making "baby mamas," get married and make a decent life. Our country is not suffering from "systemic" anything. Work hard, be a responsible citizen and stop the looting and stealing from your "brothers" who are simply trying to make a living like all the rest of us. BLM now stands for Black Looting Matters!


This is an excellent video which all black people should view, as well as whites.


All human lives matter, because we are made in the image and likeness of God, and thereby have dignity. The lives of black people matter. The political organization Black Lives Matter is a Marxist, socialist political organization which seeks to destroy the American family and society.




People who dismiss the notion that black lives matter, including those who say; "all lives matter" (they do) are tone deaf to the point. The simple fact, shown by evidence of behavior of society and authorities toward the black community, is black lives deserve and must have parity with the lives of others. At this point it appears they don't. Ignoring the facts that over a century of systemic racism has prevented blacks from achieving civic and economic parity with others.

Look at what happened when, in the 1920s Tulsa Oklahoma's Greenwood District, known as Black Wall Street, one of the most prosperous African-American communities in the country was destroyed by angry whites in a rage over a minor individual incident that may not have even happened. In this cases as many others involving blacks there was no justice under the law for the victims. Note that we have little history of people of other races being lynched but many of such incidents involving blacks, few if any properly addressed by justice. Yes, Greenwood is an extreme example of the attitude of society toward their black neighbors but it had no business ever happening and society had no business ignoring it when it did. What it does is reflect the notion that blacks should not participate in the American dream.

Red lining, now outlawed, and voter suppression, ongoing today, still affects the black community. It's no accident that, after the supreme court gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the southern states with their long tragic history of discrimination changed their voting procedures and access to voting in ways to make it harder for rural poor black communities to exercise their constitutional right.

Look at the number of unarmed and in, some cases not involved in any questionable behavior, black people have been killed by police. Ask the family of Breonna Taylor, 26, a decorated emergency medical technician shot to death as she sat in her living room watching TV. Had she been white it's most likely the normal and appropriate practice of ascertaining risk to officers before opening fire would have resulted in them apologizing to her for the error in location of the suspected criminal activity and the city would have been arranging with her to repair the damage to her home. In this case, none of this was done. She was simply shot down for no greater threat to officers than she had black skin.

That those who don't understand these facts, including a number of my fellow commentators, by indulging themselves in the insularity of their own existence do avert their attention from the facts. You can't learn much when your eyes and ears are closed.


You don’t know the facts Stephen.


What are the "facts" then Bodysnatcher?

Martha Elias

So well said!!! Those who want to be blind to feel good will still not see.


ALL lives matter. Black lives are no more important than anyone else's. We live in a free country (at least for now) and we are able to disagree with the mob.


“Black lives matter” is a matter of opinion, not an empirical fact. If you believe it is an empirical fact, please post your evidence.

If it’s not an opinion, then it could be a political statement. If it is a political statement, then people are allowed to disagree with it.

If it’s not a political statement or an opinion, perhaps it’s a moral judgement that black lives matter. If that is the case, people are free to choose their morality and therefore are free to believe that black lives don’t matter within their own moral framework.

If the statement isn’t an opinion, a political statement, or a moral judgement, then what is it?


It's a moronic statement!

The new comment

Society can expect confusion when Caucasians, Asians and Latinos are told over and over that "Black Lives Matter". The phrase begs the question; do only black lives matter? Does my life matter if I'm not black? Think about it. It leads to confusion and resentment among the races and especially toward black people. It solves absolutely nothing. Anyone who believes that only Black Lives Matter and that everyone should bow down to that concept, THEY are the true racist in that discussion. All humans have within them the capability to be bigoted and racist - yes ALL people. It's much better to say "all lives matter, including black lives".


What would Jesus say?


He would say, “Dweeb, get thee behind me.”




I think Jesus would say, you can try to lie, disguise, explain and rationalize your RACISM but I can see what's really in your heart, and when you die I will have some serious questions for you.


In your eyes, anytime anyone discuss race, you call them "racists." You operate on emotions, not rational thinking.

The Independent Voter

There you go again, Dweeb, answering questions with more questions. That is a tactic progressives resort to when they have no valid response or intelligent commentary to offer.



Zippo saw an opportunity to show his hatred and he jumped in with bothfeet Lol. "If they acted like a white this n that wouldn't happen". So 1930's Alabama back-woods ignorant viewpoint. Ha Do folks like Zippo n Indy really exist in 2020 ? Boy oh boy... no wonder they worship FatBoy Red Wig STDonald.

So it must reeeeealy burn y'all up when the new strategy and conspiracy to infiltrate your Good Old Boyz network of Oklahoma/Arkansas Dust Bowl folks of back ward thinking, huh? It's simple. Blacks and Hispanics avoid the head of such households... but then covertly date their daughters. Yup. Them gals love them some Rap Music and Bad Boys. The urban legend strikes.... and them girls can never go back once they experiencethe other side of the tracks and them romancing wayz! HAhaha. Then after they done hooked them gals... they reel em in. Have babies with em and really integrate into Dady's family. Dady is mad as heck; but Grandma loves her gal's babies no matter what breed they is. So Luther and LeSean and Beto and Manuel are now in deep. They get that Turkey Day with all the trimmings. Xmas with all the tres and gifts and such. mmm Life is sweet. Daddy gota gve that girl money... which the Fella's gladly confiscate. Daddy stuck payng they house note and new car note and clothing and groceries and insurance bills! LOL. Oh-- don't forget Daddy has to pop for vacations too! HA! Yup.. then the cousins and friends n kinfolk see that the Fellas done discovered a gold mine. Money- Money- Money--- and no responsibilities. No child support. Just a great job--if they want i... access to education... the good life. So then the Movement has started inearnest. Let's get tis melting pot stirred up. We fittin' to make us some babies that's gonna be the key to the good life. The Plan cannot be stopped. It is foolproof cuzz Daddy don't want his lil girl on welfare nor food stamps. So--- order up some hot winks and burritos--- cuss we fittin' to have a life-long party that will change the geographics of the vote and the minority will certainly become the majority-- and life is grand! Lol.. How' y'all like Them Biscuits?! Cuzz it's happening right now. Every family kknows a family it happened to. Whose turn is next? Indy? Zippo? Lol


Did it ever occur to you that I said that on purpose, knowing that you would explode?

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